Diabetes Education

A Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) is specially trained to teach you what you need to know about every aspect of diabetes so that you can properly take care of yourself. The CDE is a key member of your diabetes team and can assist in coordinating your care with the team.  The CDE can answer any questions you may have and will be your cheerleader.  

A CDE works with you develop a workable self-management plan based on your age, school or work schedule, daily activities, culture, religious practices, financial and family demands, eating habits, physical abilities and health problems.

A CDE spends time explaining:

  • Use of diabetes medications
  • Use of insulin and insulin injection technique and placement
  • Use of blood glucose meter technique, times and recording
  • Signs and symptoms of low and high blood sugar & treatment action to take
  • Common complications of diabetes
  • Importance of daily physical activity to assist with managing your diabetes
  • How to read food labels as it relates to carbohydrate portions
  • Importance of proper foot care and foot checks
  • Importance of handling sick days and what supplies to have on hand
  • Importance of having yearly eye exams

Your provider can refer you to the CDE and possibly a medical nutritionist who often works in conjunction with the CDE.  This referral may occur upon being diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes and/or as needed throughout the year.  

Please contact any member of the New London Hospital Medical Group in New London or Newport for more information or for a referral or appointment.