Charitable Giving and Sponsorship

We support our community and appreciate all the support we receive. Many organizations within our service region send us requests for sponsorship support. We assess requests to determine if they align with our:

  • Mission, vision, and values
  • Marketing and community health objectives

We cannot fund every request. Sometimes, we may need to adjust the amount of the funding (up or down) for a request.

Sponsorship, membership, and community engagement guidelines

When reviewing requests for sponsorships and organization engagement initiatives, we check to see if the sponsorship:

  • Focuses our support on:

    • Health-related causes and community

    • Civic, educational, diversity, and economic endeavors

    • Institutional priorities and meeting sponsorship guidelines

  • Aligns with engagement opportunities

  • Is part of a long-term community partnership

Within three weeks of your request, we will respond to your application. Please submit your request at least six weeks before the:

  • Event
  • Start of the initiative for which dollars are being requested

Application process

If your request fits the guidelines above, please fill out our partnership and sponsorship application.