Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care

Interfaith Chapel

New London Hospital provides a beautiful space for quiet reflection. The room is located near the main entrance to the hospital and is open 24 hours a day. It was made possible by a generous contribution from Bev and David Payne.

The Chaplain at New London Hospital offers an interfaith ministry with the goal of helping each individual make the best possible use of spiritual beliefs. The Chaplain does not attempt to convert, persuade, or judge anyone’s beliefs. Chaplains are specially trained in a clinical setting to provide personal support, crisis intervention, spiritual care and guidance, and when requested, connection to area clergy.

Hospital staff may refer patients/families by telephone or pager. Patients and families may request spiritual care during the hospital stay by contacting the New London Hospital chaplain directly or through New London Hospital staff.

Services Offered

Examples of services provided by Chaplains include: emotional support, stress management, careful listening, finding inner strength and courage, assistance with thinking through problems, finding realistic sources of hope, praying, providing spiritual guidance, locating religious resources, identifying sources of distress, counseling on questions of faith, managing feelings of fear and anxiety, and providing supportive care in times of
grief, crisis and end of life.

Human beings are spiritual as well as physical beings. Spiritual concerns are a natural part of an experience of critical injury or illness. Patients, their loved ones, and the staff who care for them have spiritual needs and can benefit from attention to the thoughts, feelings and concerns that occur during this time.

Even people who do not think of themselves as religious may find that they feel strengthened and comforted by attention to their spiritual needs. Simply talking with someone who can understand the burdens of care can bring relief.