Tiger Treatment Center

The goal of The Tiger Treatment Center (TTC) is to provide a comprehensive primary and preventive health care center, an integrated referral network, and educational programs through collaboration with the school district, the medical community, human service organizations and the community that improve student health, behavior and academic achievement.

A 1999 Community Health Needs Assessment revealed the growing need for accessible health care for adolescents in the Newport community. Working with several community partners, NLH received a three-year grant in 2001 from the Endowment for Health to plan and open a school based health center in 2002 at Newport Middle High School (NMHS).

TTC provides improved access to primary care and preventive care for adolescents. All students at NMHS are eligible to enroll at TTC. Each August families are sent information about the Center and the student enrollment and permission forms. Approximately 50% of the current student body is enrolled. The Center is licensed and bills Medicaid and private insurance. Reimbursement from all sources in FY03 was $19,000.

The Center allows students to seek care at the school-based health center without leaving school or waiting for provider appointments. The presence of the Center has also had the result of giving over 100 students a medical home at the Newport Health Center with the same provider they use at TTC.

TTC is staffed by a nurse practitioner and a medical assistant from Newport Health Center Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8 AM to 9 AM. TTC is located in the nurse’s office.

Tiger Treatment Center