Annual Report

Our Annual Report (PDF) represents Fiscal Year 2022 (July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022). The report features messages from our leaders, an insight into the operations of New London Hospital and Newport Health Center, and the FY2022 Giving Report.

View the FY2021 Annual Report and Giving Report.

FY2022 Giving Report 

New London Hospital (NLH) donors leave their mark on the community by supporting quality care, funding new technology, and expanding programs. We are grateful to the following people, organizations, and foundations who have supported NLH with gifts made in fiscal year 2022 (FY2022), between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.

NLH FY2022 donors

Our annual donor listing is designed to acknowledge the generosity and impact of gifts to New London Hospital. Pledges are recognized as gifts in full at the time of receipt.

* Denotes membership in the 1918 Giving Society, recognizing Annual Fund Donors of $1,000 or more.


The Gladys R. Smith Trust


The Estate of David W. Clark, Jr.
Shirley and Bruce Avery


Barrette Family Fund *
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Jim and Sharie Broadhead *
The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation, Inc.
The Van Dusen Trust


The Brown Foundation, Inc.
Robert and Sara D’Alelio *
Jean Dulude *
David and Cynthia Marshall *
Andrew and Gail Torkelson *


Fred and Graceann Foulkes *
Don and Gabby McCree *
Bev and Dave Payne *
Patsy and Greg Steverson *
Sugar River Bank


Anonymous (2)
Bar Harbor Bank & Trust
Tom and Judy Clay *
Bill and Sue Conaty *
Margot and Jon Davis *
Barbara J. Hambley *
Jeff and Roberta Hollinger *
LaValley Building Supply, Inc.
The LeBaron Foundation *
Doug Lyon v
Marc and Anne Margulies *
Gordon L. Marshall *
Mount Sunapee Resort
Froncie and Michael Quinn


Anonymous (2)
Steve and Nancy Allenby *
David and Lisa Andrews *
Douglas A. Bacon and Anne Marie McGarry *
Duncan and Catherine Beardsley *
Lindi Beaudreault *
Bill and Jeanine Berger *
Don and Jan Bettencourt *
Blue Loon Bakery
Woody and Shelby Blunt *
Bob’s Beacon Marina
Stanley and Pamela Bright *
Kenneth P. Brown *
Steven Buller and Anne Walsh *
Chadwick Funeral & Cremation Service, LLC
Robert and Cynthia Campbell *
Hilary P. Cleveland *
James Connolly and Jean Cronin Connolly *
Marjorie B. Cross *
Chris and Janice Cundey *
Susan and Henry Cushman
Gwendolyn G. des Cognets *
Bradford and Kimberly Dimeo *
Susanne W. Eaton *
Edmonds Family Trust *
Stephen W. Ensign *
William and Norma Faccone *
Rick and Harriet Fingeroth *
Nancy Fleming *
Elizabeth Forsham *
James and Suzanne Gottling *
Goodrich Oil Co Inc.
Steve and Sue Greenbaum *
John and Thelma Hewitt *
Jane Y. Hollinger *
Anne and Ken Holmes *
H.P Cummings Construction Company
Sally Jones *
Stephen and Marianne Jordan *

Charles Jordan *
Charles Kelsey *
Henry and Polly Kidder *
Joan Kinne *
Jack and Jane Kirk *
Dr. Gerald Laubach *
Morton and Susan Lynn *
Gail Matthews *
Ken and Linda Miller *
Janet Miller Haines *
The Melanson Company, Inc.
Mark S. Mordecai *
Robert and Mary Helen Morris *
Elaine Murphy *
Alexei M. Neuwirt *
New England Life Care
Northcape Design, Inc.
Old Hampshire Design, Inc
Donald P. Paulsen *
Stuart and Gini Peltz *
Ann and Francis Redican *
Susan and David Reeves *
Robert and Isa Rex *
John and Martha Robb *
Jim and Barbara Sadowsky *
Joyce A. Saturley *
Jill and John Schiffman *
Robert and Joan Scott *
John and Rosemary Silverberg *
Marcella Starkey *
Patricia H. Stewart *
Steve and Peggy Theroux *
Richard and Avonne Thielen *
Turning Leaf Builders
Judith K. Wallace *
Tanya and Robert Wilkie *
John and Debbie Wilson *
Daniel and Beverly Wolf *
Patrick and Judy Zilvitis *


Donna L. Acker
Greg and Jane Barban
Barton Insurance Agency, Inc.
Deborah K. Benjamin
Better Homes and Gardens Milestone Team
Karen and Chris Bonewald
Bruce and Betsy Bower
Jim and Cloie Bridgeo
Colby Insurance Agency, Inc.
Karen Ebel and Steven Root
Jeffrey Flier and Eleftheria Maratos-Flier
John and Maggie Ford
Patricia Freeman and Family
Walter Goddard
Deborah J. Hall
Jordan and Beverly Hegedus
Health Plans, Inc.
Bill and Tina Helm
Cynthia R. Jones

Michael and Sally Keating
Dick and Marcia Keller
Ron and Vicki Koron
Carolyn W. Lockhart
Tom and Mary Manion
Virginia Mars
Marshall’s Garage, Inc.
L. Raymond Massucco
James and Wendy Murphy
Northeast Delta Dental
David and Lee Page
Carter Sainz
Mary Ellen Scutro
Deirdre Segerson
Harold and Jessie Sofield
Sugar Face & Company
Jean Ten Haken
Tito’s Handmade Vodka
Nancy and John Walters
Renny and Susan Warren
Gregory and Pamela Weiss



Anonymous (3)
Ken and Nola Aldrich
David Barnes
Esther Carstensen
Richard and Sage D. Chase
David Click and Kathleen Bollard
Celeste and David Cook
Laurie T. DiClerico
Robert and Renamarie DiMuccio
Eastman Community Association
Wendy and Edward Fielding
Philip E. Forzley
Leni Gillespie
Bruce and Mary King
Marguerite and Richard Lawton
Carol and Jeffrey Majewski

Frank G. McDougall
Allyson M. McGinn
Randall Messer
Ragged Mountain Resort
Rocky’s Ace Hardware
Jane Rastallis
Deborah and Peter Rucci
Frank and Evelyn Sainz
Rhoda M. Sartwell
Peter Sartwell
Richard and Barbara Schwemm
Linda S. Scofield
John and Mary Ellen Sheehy
Richard and Susan Showalter
Bill and Lise Tighe
John and Jane Unkles


Tribute gifts

Special individuals have inspired others to make a gift to New London Hospital. Those remembered or honored with a gift made in their name are listed here.

In memory of:

Bruce Avery
Bradford and Kimberly Dimeo
William Callery

Peter Buck
Jennifer Gant

Betty Buzby
Manfred Wiese

Robert Breck
Mary Sawyer
Bill and Tina Helm

Walton and Virginia Chadwick
Charlie and Marion Hafner

Ellie Goddard
Walter Goddard

Don and Anne Gross
Patricia Freeman and Family

William Hallahan
Ann Hallahan

Jay Hartwell
Celeste Cook

Becky Irving
Barbara Miller
Frances Cottrell
Barbara Cangiano
Sharon MacKnight

Stephen A Jordan
Steve and Marianne Jordan

John and Ernie Kiernan
Milton and Sandra Blackington

Richard Leach
John and Jane Unkles

Ralph Marshall
Arlene Marshall

John W. Murray
Sylvia Murray

Wayne G. Simoneau
Marilyn Simoneau

Mary Ann Wright
Robert Wright Jr.

In honor of:

James B. Ames
Raymond Massucco

Kathey A. Fortin
Raymond Massucco

Jan R. Idzikowski
Raymond Massucco

Dr. L. Kowalski
Gail Matthews

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