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The New London Hospital (NLH) monthly giving program benefits everyone! A recurring monthly gift is an affordable way to make a difference a little at a time that adds up to a big difference for New London Hospital. By spreading your generosity over a year, you may be able to help our community hospital more than you thought possible.

Benefits of monthly giving for you:

  • Budget-friendly: Monthly donations are paid in smaller amounts that add up over the year instead of hitting your budget all at once.
  • Convenient: Your pre-authorized donation is withdrawn automatically and securely from the bank account or credit card of your choice each month. You receive one tax receipt in January for your entire year of donations.
  • Flexible: You may alter the amount of your gift or stop your donation at any time.
  • Wise investment: You will be supporting a valuable community asset that is here to help you and your loved ones, 24/7.

Benefits of monthly giving for New London Hospital

  • Cost-effective: We spend less on administration, paper, and postage, not having to ask or remind you to give.
  • Inclusive: More community members are able to contribute.
  • Reliable: Monthly contributions provide a stream of reliable funding that is vital to our mission.

We would welcome your participation in our monthly giving program.