Charges for Services

Charges for Services

Hospital List of Standard Charges

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A Commitment to Price Transparency (FAQ)
Hospital List of Standard Charges (Excel Spreadsheet) 

The information provided is a comprehensive list of charges for each inpatient and outpatient service or item provided by a hospital, also known as a chargemaster, which New London Hospital posts on an annual basis. Standard charges shown in the chargemaster do not necessarily reflect what a patient ultimately pays for services and therefore may not be a meaningful tool to estimate a patient’s out of pocket responsibility or to compare hospital costs. Actual charges may differ for a variety of reasons and New London Hospital does not hereby offer, promise, contract, guarantee, or assume any legally binding obligation to provide a selected service(s) or item(s) for listed charge(s).

Because the chargemaster rates are updated periodically, patients should use one of the below methods to receive an estimate:

  1. Contact Customer Service at (844) 808-0730 for information about cost of care.
  2. If you have a myD-H account, log into myD-H and go to Billing>Estimates.
  3. If you do not have a myD-H account, go to the myD-H Guest Estimates web page or go to and click the Guest Estimates button on the login screen.

Medical Charges

New London Hospital is providing this price list containing some of our charges for room and board, emergency department, ambulance, rehabilitation services, office visits, consults, and annual physicals. This information is for the patient to receive basic, facility-specific information about services and charges.

  • Hospital charges are the same for all patients, but a patient’s financial responsibility may vary, depending on the terms negotiated with individual health insurance companies.
  • Uninsured patients should consult with our Financial Counselors to determine whether they qualify for financial assistance.
  • Medicare and Medicaid cover medically necessary services. Medicare does not cover convenience items or self-administered pharmacy for outpatient, observation, or ambulatory surgery.

These prices are effective as of July 1, 2020. None of these prices include additional ancillary services or procedures ordered by your provider, such as radiology tests or labs, or additional procedures or testing done during the visit.

Doctor’s Office Visits for New or Established Patients

Office Visit TypeNew PatientEstablished Patient
Low-Level Visit$117.00$74.00
Low-to-Moderate-Level Visit$169.00$99.00
Moderate-Level Visit$255.00$141.00
Moderate-to-High-Level Visit$330.00$222.00
High-Level Visit$419.00$291.00

Doctor’s Office Visit for Consultation

ConsultationNew or Established Patients
Low-Level Visit$229.00
Low-to-Moderate-Level Visit$308.00
Moderate-Level Visit$391.00
Moderate-to-High-Level Visit$531.00
High-Level Visit$708.00

Routine Annual Physicals

Physical – Age of PatientNew PatientsEstablished Patients
Physical: Patient Age 0-1$290.00$218.00
Physical: Patient Age 1-4$312.00$242.00
Physical: Patient Age 5-11$312.00$242.00
Physical: Patient Age 12-17$331.00$308.00
Physical: Patient Age 18-39$331.00$312.00
Physical: Patient Age 40-64$393.00$370.00
Physical: Patient Age 65 and over$488.00$407.00

Hospital Room and Board – Per Day

Hospital Room and Board – Per Day
Private Room Rate$1,371.00
Telemetry Bed$2,068.00
Special Care Room Rate$3,030.00
Swing Private Room Rate$1,118.00

Emergency Room (unscheduled emergency visit for patients requiring immediate medical attention) – Emergency Department charges are based on the level of emergency care provided to our patients. The levels, with 1 representing basic emergency care, reflect the type of accommodations needed, the intensity of care, amount of time needed to provide treatment and personnel resources. The following charges do not include fees for drugs, supplies, or additional ancillary procedures that may be required for a particular emergency treatment.

Emergency Department Technical Level
ER Level 1$228.00
ER Level 2$341.00
ER Level 3$574.00
ER Level 4$861.00
ER Level 5$1,171.00
ER Critical Care$1,488.00
Emergency Department Physician Fee
ER Level 1$129.00
ER Level 2$188.00
ER Level 3$284.00
ER Level 4$434.00
ER Level 5$653.00
ER Critical Care$700.00


Ambulance Rate Emergency
Ambulance Rate Emergency$1,421.00
Ambulance Rate Non-Emergency$823.00
Ambulance Loaded Mile$43.00
Ambulance Oxygen Service$89.00

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitative Services
Physical Therapy Evaluation: moderate complexity$354.00
Re-evaluation of physical therapy established plan of care$173.00
Occupational Therapy Evaluation: moderate complexity$334.00
Re-evaluation of occupational therapy established plan of care$207.00
Physical Therapy Manual Therapy, per 15 min$151.00
Physical Therapy Therapeutic Exercises, per 15 min$128.00
Evaluation of Speech Fluency$299.00
Evaluation of Speech Sound Production$278.00
Evaluation of Speech Sound Production with Evaluation of Language Comprehension and Expression$382.00


COVID-19 Testing
Sars-Cov-2 (Covid-19) Per Test$102.00
Covid-19 IgG Antibody Per Test$54.00
COVID-19 Vaccine and Administration
Facility ChargeProfessional ChargeTotal Charge
Vaccine (no charge)$0N/A$0
Administration Dose OneN/A$20.00$20.00
Administration Dose TwoN/A$33.00$33.00