Thank you for your interest in volunteering at New London Hospital.

At NLH we are privileged to have dedicated volunteers of all ages who contribute their time, talent and energy in a variety of ways throughout the organization. Our employees, medical staff and volunteers work together to be an outstanding Community Hospital.

"Volunteerism is the Act of doing Volunteer work in Community Service"

Adult Volunteer Requirements

  • Volunteer is over 18.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to commit to at least six months of service in their assignment which may be a once week three hour shift.  We are able to accommodate vacations and seasonal residents.
  • Volunteers are required to have a tuberculosis (TB) test in our Emergency Room, which is free of charge.
  • Background check from the Bureau of Adult and Elderly Services.

High School/College/Graduate School Students

  • Students wishing to volunteer need to be 16 years old or older.
  • Applications for summer volunteerism must be received by May 1st or there is no guarantee for placement.
  • Students are encouraged to commit to at least 60 hours of service in their assignment.
  • Must have Health Screening forms completed by physician and parents (unless over 18).
  • A Principal Recommendation form needs to be completed. 
  • If student has not had a tuberculosis (TB) test done in six months, one must be done and can be done in the Emergency Room, free of charge.

School Credits

  • High School/College/Graduate Students, who are seeking school credits or are trying to fulfill pre requisites for school entry, need to work with their school.  A contract between the school and New London Hospital is necessary for the student to complete hours for credit here at NLH.

Application Process

1. Fill out the appropriate application form and submit it to Volunteer Services on-line or by mail.

2. After we review your application materials and check references, we will contact you to schedule an interview. During this meeting we will review New London Hospital's facility, policies on confidentiality, and schedule you to participate in the Volunteer Orientation.

3. If both parties agree to move forward, we will ask you to:

  • Review volunteer service descriptions and determine an area of interest.
  • Provide documentation of your Tuberculosis (TB) test and the influenza flu immunization.
  • Complete information form for the Bureau of Adult and Elderly Services for a background check (over 18).
  • Purchase of Smock (required when Volunteering).
  • Attend a general orientation for NLH, where you will acquire a photo ID (or make other arrangements with the Volunteer Services). An annual competency needs to be completed at this time also.
  • Work with Volunteer Services to determine any additional follow-up steps. This may include an interview with a member of the department where you may be volunteering.

4. The last step is to ensure that all of your records (application, references, TB test, flu immunization and confidentiality and policy sign off sheets) are in place before you begin volunteering.

Note: Your volunteer training will depend on where you are placed. Some departments require new volunteers to "shadow" a seasoned volunteer in order to learn necessary skills.

Apply Online: Adult | Student
Download an Application: Adult | Student

Volunteer opportunities may be available in the following areas. Please call 603-526-5133 to inquire about specific openings.

ABC's Childcare, Assistant to Teachers
Business Office, Clerical/Admin. Support
Clough Center, Companion Program, PT/OT Aid, Music to Dine By, Patient Support
Mail Room, Sorting and delivery of mail throughout the hospital, Delivery of mail to the Post Office
Cafeteria Service, Counter Service, Cashier, Lobby Coffee Cart
Emergency Room, Patient Support/Supply Aid
Facilities, Recycling Program, Grounds and Maintenance
Front Desk, Reception, Greeting, Information
Marketing, Community Affairs, Administrative and Event Support
Medical/Surgical Inpatient Unit, Clerical and Patient Support
The Friends' Shop at NLH, Customer Service and Sales
Pediatric Practice, Patient Support, Clerical and Other Duties, Reading Program
Pharmacy Aid, Clerical, Inventory and Delivery Support; limited availability
Rehab and Sports Medicine, Patient Support, Practice Support; volunteer involvement limited due to criteria in patient setting
Newport Health Center, Clerical, Medical Records; medical terminology helpful

Please feel free to contact Volunteer Services if you have any questions. We look forward to having you become a part of our team.

Tel: 603-526-5133
Fax: 603-526-5026
e-mail: community.affairs@newlondonhospital.org

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