Art Program

Join us January 23 through April 17 for an exhibit celebrating the works of the following New London Hospital Employees.

Melissa Ball

Neil Martlew

Joan Fowler

Elke Melody

Kristopher Galluzzo

Kathy Neuberger

Donna Hubbard

Susan Picknell

Kathleen Kennedy

Melissa Ramsey

Samantha Laliberte

Christine Stewart

Griffin Manning

Pallah Stimpson

The Friends Art Program, Co-Chaired by local artists and volunteers, draws from the extensive art community in the area, inviting artists to exhibit and sell their work. The art exhibit rotates on a quarterly basis. Art is displayed in public areas of the hospital.

It is known that art can play a powerful role in bringing comfort and relief to those hospitalized. We're delighted to have the opportunity to enhance the environment of New London Hospital for our patients, families, guests and staff with interesting and beautiful artwork.

Artwork in the exhibit is available for purchase. A portion of all sales benefits the programs of New London Hospital.

For information on the New London Hospital Art Program please contact, or 603.526.5322

A Physician's Outlook

"Healing is a physical and emotional process requiring conventional medical intervention and spiritual strength. There is an evolving body of literature to support my long held and frequently voiced contention that what I can provide to restore health pales in comparison to the contribution of patient's attitude. New London Hospital has embarked on a new and exciting program, collaborating with local artists to provide an environment which enhances that all-important spiritual side of healing. It's a fine example of talented, committed community members pitching in to help friends in need. Drab institutional walls have been transformed by paintings into avenues of motivation to take a few more steps, transcend the pains by visualization, recollection and inspiration of finer times ahead. The artwork on display allow patients, families and staff the opportunity to pause, refresh and carry on with fortitude and a positive attitude toward restoring physical and mental well-being."
–Donald Eberly, MD NLH Surgeon

On The Importance of Art

"In August 2005, my wife Sheri was diagnosed with cancer. When her health was failing, she was admitted to New London Hospital the first week of December. Three times a day, Sheri and I walked the corridors of the hospital. This was shortly after NLH began featuring the work of regional artists in the hallways. We have always been ardent lovers of art. Looking at the painting and sharing our thoughts and feelings made a very difficult time a little less so. The beautiful artwork helped us escape to a different place and time. For a little while, we could leave our troubles behind. We were both especially drawn to one of Vicki Koron's painting called Winter Walk. It shows a tranquil winter scene with a person and dog walking in the distance. We purchased this painting and, as it turned out, this was the last painting we purchased together. Sheri died in December. Her final gift to me was to leave instructions about how to have our bedroom redecorated. Of course, this included a special place on our bedroom wall for Winter Walk. Sheri and I were married for 37 years and I feel her presence when I look at Winter Walk. Having an art exhibit in the hospital is a wonderful thing. It's part of health and rehabilitation. I'm glad that, during our final weeks together, we had this special love and appreciation to share."
–Steve Ensign, New London