William P. Clough Extended Care Center

Founded in 1971, The Clough Center is a 58-bed extended nursing care facility located within New London Hospital

A loving family-like atmosphere, enhanced and meaningful quality of life provided by a dedicated and caring professional staff: these are the qualities that define the care we provide at The Clough Center. Our residents benefit from health services personalized to meet their individual needs, including special meals, physical, occupational and speech therapy, personalized exercise sessions, and individual attention by highly skilled providers who have immediate access to the comprehensive services of a hospital and pharmacy.


The Clough Center makes an extra effort to ensure each resident participates fully in entertaining and engaging social activities, which include music and dance programs, arts and crafts, outings, day trips and games. These activities, designed to keep our residents mentally and physically active, contribute greatly to the excellent quality of life enjoyed at The Clough Center.

Activities and news for The Clough Center are published in The Clough Crier, a monthly newsletter for our extended care residents, friends and family members.
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A children's day care center, located in the same building, affords resident unlimited opportunities to share in the laughter, exuberance and youthful energy of children. Additionally, the residents often enjoy the calming and therapeutic benefits of therapy pets.

Extended care services

The Clough Center of New London Hospital provides high quality medical services, close to home, delivered by people who care.

Health care services

Health services include special meals, physical, occupational and speech therapy, personalized exercise, all provided by a qualified and caring team. Our providers have immediate access to our hospital services and pharmacy.

Medical care provided by specialized physicians

Modeled after the very successful hospitalist program at New London Hospital, NLH doctors with extensive experience in long term care provide the primary care services for most of our residents. The physicians rotate coverage Monday through Friday every week. Every weekday, one of the physicians will be onsite in The Clough Center to care for the medical needs of our residents.

When residents move into a skilled nursing facility like The Clough Center, they are usually only required to be seen by a physician once per month unless they have an acute illness. Our system greatly increases the availability of a provider and gives our residents and their families greater peace of mind knowing a provider will be available to speak with and answer questions every weekday.










Meaningful and stimulating social interaction

It's important that each resident participates in entertaining and engaging social activities. These include music, dance, arts and crafts, outings, day trips and games. These activities, designed to keep our residents mentally and physically active, contribute to the quality of life at The Clough Center.

Our facility offers large, spacious rooms with wide hallways and ramps for easy wheelchair access. We have two areas for social activities and dining, where we feature linen tablecloths, appropriate lighting and dinner music. Appetizing meals are individually prepared and attractively presented. Our residents are encouraged to enjoy fresh air and spend time with visitors in our lovely outdoor garden area, complete with a large canopy.

The connection to New London Hospital makes The Clough Center unique among elder care facilities. The need for lengthy ambulance rides or confusion due to unavailable medical records is eliminated. Appropriate emergency or ongoing medical care, based on complete knowledge of medical history, is immediately available.

Highly trained and caring staff

Our team is comprised of devoted health care professionals. Our 58-bed facility and our staff-to-resident ratio is higher than many other elder care facilities, which create an environment conducive to personal attention.

Skilled care program

A transitional program designed for patients following surgery or treatment in the hospital is available. Many of our skilled care residents are able to return to their home environment.

Additional amenities

Complete hairdressing and barber services are available. Our SPA (Specialized Personalized Attention) Program for our residents includes aromatherapy, massage and Snoezelen, a concept that endeavors to provide sensory experiences within a controlled environment. The word "Snoezelen" was developed from a combination of two Dutch words which mean "sniff" and "doze." The concept involves the creation of a multi-sensory environment (including lighting, soft music and familiar scents) designed to stimulate the primary senses of touch, taste, sight, sound and smell. The aims of Snoezelen are to provide:

  • a stimulating environment to heighten awareness
  • an interesting atmosphere to encourage participants to explore their environment
  • an environment offering security, allowing participants mental and physical relaxation; and
  • an unrestrained atmosphere where participants may enjoy themselves.

Dining at The Clough Center

The dining program is designed to provide appetizing menus of favorite foods, planned and freshly prepared by a skilled staff of culinary and nutrition professionals. We strive to provide meals that are enjoyable, whether selected by the residents, or prepared in advance based on preferences and special diet.

The Food and Nutrition Services Department is staffed by a full-time registered dietitian. Our head chef is a graduate of the Culinary Arts Program at the University of Southern New Hampshire. Our staff of cooks combines years of health care experience along with extensive experience at some of the area's finest restaurants.

Residents may dine in our well-appointed dining rooms or may be served in their rooms. Upon request, tables in the dining room may be reserved for newfound friends.

The Clough Center of New London Hospital: consistent high quality medical services, close to home, people who care.