Message From NLH CEO Tom Manion

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Video Transcript for Tom Manion’s Message to the Community:

Hello, I’m Tom Manion, President and CEO of New London Hospital. When I began my new role here back in the beginning of March, I was looking forward to meeting you… the community members I heard so many wonderful things about.  You are one the main reasons I brought my family to this special area.  How so much has changed.. And so fast… In my short time here.

Some might say this an unprecedented time here is our history, but actually when New London Hospital was founded in 1918, it was in response to another pandemic, the Spanish Flu. Doctors and nurses came together to meet the needs of the sick in our community and saw an urgent need for a hospital. And that’s how New London Hospital came to be. That mission of our founders to provide safe and quality care is the foundation of what we are doing here at New London Hospital every day since.

So here we are just a little over 100 years later and it’s Covid-19.  What I have learned and seen is… the providers, nurses and staff here at New London Hospital and at our Newport Health Center are committed to you. I can’t thank our teams enough for all their efforts.  Together, in partnership with our Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health system members, we are addressing the challenges and planning ahead as Covid-19 continues to spread throughout our state.

I want to thank you for your patience and understanding as we have had to make several policy and procedure changes. All the decisions and actions we have done to this point have been made for the safety of you and our staff.  I know we will get through this, but is going to take a committed effort from everyone.

I will wrap up by urging you to please adhere to the stay-at-home orders in place. Social distancing is our best prevention at this time.  We appreciate the challenges and sacrifices our local businesses are making, so it’s vital we all do our part.  We will continue to keep you updated and I look forward to the day when I can meet you all in person.  Thank you.