Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services, Language & Hearing Assistance

These services are:

  • For patients with limited English proficiency. (Having an interpreter present to explain important medical information in their preferred language reduces stress and transforms the experience into an effective interation.)
  • Provided to any patient, family member/ caregiver, and hospital staff member.
  • Provided FREE of charge.
  • Used to assure clarity, safety, and unbiased medical assessments.
  • For any patient, family member, or care giver who is Deaf, Hard of Hearing (HOH), any level of Illiteracy, Foreign Language speaking, Limited English Proficiency (LEP), Visually Impaired, Blind, or any combination of these challenges.


For foreign language needs or limited English proficiency (LEP) needs, an Over the Phone (OPI) will be made available.

American Sign Language (ASL and or CDI) will be available either by an In-Person Interpreter (IPI) or by Video Remote Interpreting (VRI).  If someone is limited in their hearing and does not require a sign-language interpreter, a ‘pocket talker’ is also available in all ADA Care Boxes.

Medically trained staff are available to read and assist patients to interpret any critical documents or treatment information during their medical care visit.

A TTY phone is available at the Emergency Department Registration Area at New London Hospital.  These captioned phones can display the words being spoken on a screen for the person to be able to read the words in the conversation instead of hear them.

Electronic tablets, portable phones, and bluetooth speakers are availble for medical assessment and treatment in all care areas throughout New London Hospital and Newport Health Center.

Planning ahead:

Coordinating Communication assistance can be scheduled ahead of time or verified by contacting the Interpretive Services Coordinator at 603-526-5467 or speaking with the scheduling staff where you have an appointment.  All New London Hospital and Newport Health Center staff have the ability to contact and coordinate these services.