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Weekly Meal Plan: Spring 2020

To help you plan your meals and prioritize seasonal, local ingredients, our friends at Colby-Sawyer College and Kearsarge Food Hub whipped up this guide! It provides breakfast and main course meal suggestions for every day of the week, plus side dishes, and includes a shopping list that features ingredients found at Sweet Beet Market this time of year.

Medline Plus: Healthy Recipes

These recipes show you how to prepare tasty, healthy meals that help you develop a healthy eating pattern. A healthy eating pattern includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, fat-free or low fat dairy, various protein foods, and oils. It also means limiting saturated fats, trans fats, added sugars, and salt. Try these recipes as part of your healthy lifestyle.


The following are resources provided by the Colby-Sawyer Community-Based Research Class.  The Colby-Sawyer class partnered with Sweet Beet Market to bring you these easy to follow guides to a healthy (and local) lifestyle.


Granite State Gardening Facebook Live with Emma Erler

Join Emma Erler, UNH Extension Education Center Program Coordinator for upcoming Ask UNH Extension Facebook Live sessions where she’ll discuss gardening in the granite state.
3PM | Sessions take place on the Ask UNH Extension and the UNH Extension Facebook pages.

Planting a Victory Garden Blog

With the uncertainty of COVID-19, many people are revisiting the idea of planting Victory Gardens.  Read about planting a victory garden here.

Community Gardens – Growing Safely During COVID-19

Community gardens are cooperatively managed garden plots used for growing food.  UNH Extension provides education and information to people who manage and participate in community gardening.  Find more information here.


Do you have questions about home gardening? Contact the UNH Extension InfoLine
Email: or call 1-877-EXT-GROW