Newport Health Center Today

The Newport Health Center is evidence of the ongoing commitment of the Board of Trustees of New London Hospital to the Newport community. The center offers primary care, pediatrics, gynecology, podiatry, orthopaedics, occupational health, laboratory, x-ray, mammography, rehabilitative services, and Department of Transportation physicals.

5,846 people are considered “current” patients of the NHC. In the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015, the facility saw more than 21,000 patient visits for Primary Care and Women’s Health. This is in addition to Laboratory, Rehabilitation, Radiology and other patient visits.

Besides services offered onsite at the Newport Health Center, embedded in nearby Newport Middle High School is the Tiger Treatment Center (Tiger being the school’s mascot). This outreach program provides evaluation and basic medical care to students in middle and high school, primarily those who do not have other ready access to health care evaluations and services.

Staff of the Newport Health Center number 38 (29 FTEs). This includes health care providers whose entire practice is there, providers who divide their time between the Newport Health Center and New London Hospital and providers shared with Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Nurses, registrars and various others work in support of the patient-provider relationships, staffing this very busy primary health care center.

Members of this close-knit team take great pride in their work on behalf of patients. Many have long tenures at the Newport Health Center, and most live in or near the Newport community. Despite their skill and dedication, they have a major impediment to optimizing their efforts—the building in which they work, which is decidedly subpar.

The facility was a food market immediately before being leased by New London Hospital in 1991 and retrofitted for health care delivery. Over its 24 years of use as a health center, the property has been modified and patched regularly in efforts to meet evolving health care needs in a too-small facility not designed for such purposes. In late 2012, New London Hospital purchased the facility and surrounding land.