Construction and Fundraising – Week of 3/28/16

Building for Health –Project Update
• Metal stud framing on the second floor is mostly complete, with some sheetrocking underway!
• Electricians are starting to rough in wiring.
• Rooftop drains are being hooked to underground plumbing.
• Two rooftop drains are being relocated.
• Slab-on -grade (floating slab foundation) will be installed soon.

Building for Health –Fundraising Update
$892,000 of $2.2 million goal

Construction and Fundraising Update – Week of 3/7/16

• The slab on the deck of the second floor is scheduled for this week and the interior walls will be installed after the concrete is poured and cured.
• The thermax insulation installation to all exterior walls is complete.
• Tempering the space is in process which will be followed by the start of underground plumbing.
• The roof is near completion and windows should follow in about two weeks.
For the latest construction photos, visit the Photo Gallery.

Building for Health Fundraising Update.
$891,000 of $2.2 million goal.

Construction and Fundraising Update Week of 2/22/16

Building for Health –Project Update
• All exterior wall framing is complete and window framing is in progress.
• Exterior insulation is in process.
• Roofing and roof insulation will occur over the next 10 days.
• Stairway to second floor is now available.
• Elevator installation is projected for June.

Building for Health –Fundraising Update
$885,000 of $2.2 million goal

Construction and Fundraising Update Week of 2/1/16

Building for Health –Project Update – Week of February 1, 2016.
• The structural steel frame of new building is complete, with inspections underway. Metal decking which is the base of the second floor is being installed.
• The exterior framework is in progress and being wrapped with vapor barrier over the top wall.
• The large crane has been removed and the site contractor is preparing to bring in structural fill for the first floor slab.
• A catch basin is being installed near the new main entrance.
• Conduits for electrical service have been installed. Underground connection is on hold until spring. In the meantime a pole transformer to run overhead lines to an existing pole is being discussed. This overhead feed would be removed once underground work is complete.
Visit the Photo Gallery at for the latest construction photos.

Building for Health –Fundraising Update
$860,000 of $2.2 million goal. We continue to receive generous gifts from community supporters on a weekly basis. We are also in receipt of a $10,000 grant from the Brown Foundation of Texas.

The New Newport Health Center Receives a $65,000 Boost

New London Hospital announces receipt of a $65,000 grant from Jane’s Trust of Boston. The grant supports the Building for Health project to build a new Newport Health Center, on track for completion in the fall of 2016. Together with prior donor commitments the gift brings the fundraising campaign total to over $800,000.

“We are very appreciative of this gift from Jane’s Trust,” said Bob Rex, Building for Health Campaign Chair. “This funding brings us closer to our goal of $2.2 million and helps ensure our success in enhancing healthcare services in Newport.”

Exterior framework for the $9 million rural health center is underway with steel beams in place for the west side of the building. In addition to continued support for primary care for all ages and rehabilitation services, the 28,600 square foot facility will provide expanded space for behavioral health, laboratory, radiology and women’s health along with a new on-site pharmacy and room for various new provider services from affiliate Dartmouth-Hitchcock. The current health center will remain open through construction to continue to care for the community uninterrupted.
To contribute to the campaign or for more information about the project please call 603-526-5373 or visit

Construction and Fundraising Update – Week of 1/12/16

Building for Health –Project Update
• Interior architectural plans are nearly finalized.
• Out un-wintry December weather has supported strong construction progress in recent weeks.
• Significant underground and drain work continues.
• Above-ground building is happening! – with the first steel beams up, at new front entrance and some for second floor. Floor and roof decking are also underway.

Visit the Photo Gallery at for the latest construction photos.

Building for Health – Fundraising Update

$798,000 of $2.2 million goal. A $65,000 grant from Jane’s Trust of Boston has moved us closer to our goal! That together with other new December commitments from staff, community members and businesses added $113,000 to last month’s total.

Sugar River Bank Pledges Support for the New Newport Health Center

New London, NH – New London Hospital (NLH) announces that Sugar River Bank (SRB) has made a $25,000 pledge to support Building for Health, NLH’s project to rebuild its Newport (NH) Health Center. This support, approved by SRB’s Board of Trustees, was formally announced by SRB’s President and CEO, Mark Pitkin who said, “We are committed to the community and strongly believe that the construction of a new health center is a critical part of sustaining the health and vitality of our town and its residents.” In recognition of this gift, the new building’s café will be named by SRB.
Additional donor naming opportunities are available for contributions of $5,000 or more. Donor commitments to the project to date exceed $670,000, with $350,000 of this amount pledged from the Roy Malool Family Foundation. The balance is from 100% commitments from NLH Trustees and senior staff and employees of the Newport Health Center; several Newport businesses and organizations; and a growing number of individual donors.
Construction is on track with completion expected by fall of 2016. The current health center will remain open through construction to continue to care for the community uninterrupted.
To review naming opportunities, to contribute to the campaign or for more information about the project please call 603.526.5373 or visit

Construction and Fundraising Update – Week of 12/7/15

Building for Health – Construction Update
• Completed work on restoring the end wall to Mary’s Little Lamb Consignment Shop which was previously attached to the bowling alley.
• Forms and rebar* are in the ground on the new project site and concrete for the foundation has started.
• The parking lot has been re-paved and lined for patient parking, staff and handicapped access. The front entrance to the parking area has been defined with lines and modular concrete barriers (aka jersey barriers).
*Rebar (short for reinforcing bar), also known as reinforcing steel is a steel bar or mesh of steel wires used as a tension device in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures to strengthen and hold the concrete in tension.

Building for Health – Fundraising Update

We have raised $690,000 towards our $2.2 million goal.

Construction Update Week of 11/16/2015

Building for Health, the New Newport Health Center.

The landscape that will be home to the new Newport Health Center continues to change with both demolition and construction taking place daily. Visit the Photo Gallery at to see the demo pictures and check back regularly to watch this exciting project unfold.
The construction schedule continues to be on track with the following occurring;
• Bids continue to be awarded to various subcontractors.
• Installation of 260+ geopiers* is complete. They have been placed 12-20 feet deep into the ground as base for foundation to support new 2-story building. Foundation work begins this week.
• Underground drainage systems are currently being installed.
• Eversource is relocating electric poles/lines to the opposite side of Elm Street.
• Paving of the new temporary parking lot is underway.

Should you have questions about the Building for Health project, please contact Richard DiLalla at 526.5012.

* Geopier is a term used in engineering in which stiff rock columns are drilled deep into the earth’s surface, down to a hard non yielding depth. They are used to support a building foundation and reinforce the soil when the existing ground is unstable, wet or unsuitable for building construction.

New London Hospital Announces Project to Construct a New Newport Health Center

NEW LONDON, NH – New London Hospital (NLH) announced a much anticipated project to build a brand-new Newport Health Center. Building for Health, a $9-million project including a $2.2-million fundraising campaign, will provide 28,000 square feet of specially designed space to replace a 16,000 square foot patchwork structure that currently facilitates more than 21,000 annual primary care and women’s health patient visits.

The preliminary step in the Building for Health project was taken in December 2012, when NLH purchased its existing Newport Health Center facility that had previously been under lease, along with the adjacent former bowling alley and surrounding property. The vacant bowling alley was recently taken down and construction has begun.

“After 24 years of New London Hospital operating the Newport Health Center in a building that was once a food store, we are thrilled to begin the Building for Health project,” commented NLH President and CEO, Bruce King. “It is time to provide Newport area patients and staff with a modern medical facility, where we can continue to provide high quality health care that meets the current and future needs of the community.”

Similar to the main NLH campus in New London, the Newport Health Center currently offers a wide range of medical services. In addition to routine primary care, these include pediatrics, women’s health care, mammography and X-ray, laboratory, EKGs, hearing screening, minor surgical procedures, sports physicals, minor orthopedic care, podiatry, mental health, rehabilitation, occupational health screening, and Department of Transportation physicals.

The new building is designed to accommodate growth in number of patient visits and additional health care providers. Dignard Architectural Services of Bedford, NH and builder Fulcrum Associates of Amherst, NH have been selected for the project, based on the successful experience of these firms building hospitals and medical clinics throughout New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts.

Construction is expected to take 12 months during which the health center will remain open and continue to provide care for patients. A groundbreaking ceremony, to which all are welcome, has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 13 at 4:00 PM on site at the Newport Health Center.