In 1910, when the population of Newport was 3,765, William Henry Wright bequeathed his home on Maple Street in Newport for the Carrie F. Wright Hospital, named in memory of his wife. The Newport Hospital Auxiliary was formed in 1913 to help raise funds for needed hospital equipment. The hospital filed articles of incorporation with the New Hampshire Secretary of State in 1918. The next year the hospital received “material from the emergency hospital“—an apparent precursor to the more extensive Carrie F. Wright Hospital. In 1920 an area surrounding the hospital hilltop was posted as a “hospital zone” by which any gasoline-propelled vehicles were to pass as quietly as possible.

Eventually, a new hospital was built on Summer Street and renamed Newport Hospital. On January 25, 1952 patients were moved there from the Maple Street facility. Two additions were completed in 1974.

On August 30, 1990, the Newport Hospital Board of Trustees voted to file for liquidation bankruptcy and to close the institution’s doors. Several Newport business people purchased the property. The hospital became One Summercrest Professional Building, and Summercrest Independent and Assisted Living was built next door.

When the Newport Hospital closed, accessible local health care in Newport was seriously threatened. New London Hospital recognized the need of Newport area residents for continuing primary care and ancillary services and in response opened the Newport Health Center in 1991 at its present location on Routes 11 and 103, also known as the John Stark Highway, at the corner of Elm Street.