Construction and Fundraising Update Week of 2/22/16

Building for Health –Project Update
• All exterior wall framing is complete and window framing is in progress.
• Exterior insulation is in process.
• Roofing and roof insulation will occur over the next 10 days.
• Stairway to second floor is now available.
• Elevator installation is projected for June.

Building for Health –Fundraising Update
$885,000 of $2.2 million goal

Construction and Fundraising Update Week of 2/1/16

Building for Health –Project Update – Week of February 1, 2016.
• The structural steel frame of new building is complete, with inspections underway. Metal decking which is the base of the second floor is being installed.
• The exterior framework is in progress and being wrapped with vapor barrier over the top wall.
• The large crane has been removed and the site contractor is preparing to bring in structural fill for the first floor slab.
• A catch basin is being installed near the new main entrance.
• Conduits for electrical service have been installed. Underground connection is on hold until spring. In the meantime a pole transformer to run overhead lines to an existing pole is being discussed. This overhead feed would be removed once underground work is complete.
Visit the Photo Gallery at for the latest construction photos.

Building for Health –Fundraising Update
$860,000 of $2.2 million goal. We continue to receive generous gifts from community supporters on a weekly basis. We are also in receipt of a $10,000 grant from the Brown Foundation of Texas.