REHABILITATION SERVICES/sleep disorders center
Rehabilitation plays a vital role in restoring a patient’s independence in daily living, mobility and self-
confidence. Our goal is to give all of our patients individualized care for a safe, effective recovery in the
shortest period of time. Rehabilitation services are offered in New London and at the Newport Health Center.
Rehabilitation Services include the following:
Aquatic therapy
Arthritis treatment
Back-to-golf program
Compression garment mesurements
Craniosacral therapy
Functional Capacity Evaluations
Gait disturbance evaluation
Incontinence program
Neurological disorders treatment • Occupational therapy (hands, wrists and elbows)
Orthotic fabrications (temporary and permanent)
Physical therapy
Post surgical therapy
Splint fabrication
Sports medicine clinic
Student program
Speech therapy (language and swallowing disorders)
An athletic trainer is located at Kearsarge Regional High School.
Inpatient Care: Rehabilitation Services are available seven days per week, with the patient being seen
within 24 hours of a written request by the physician. The state-of-the-art therapy services include
physical, occupational and speech therapies.
Outpatient Care: Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services are available in New London at the New
London Hosptial and at the Newport Health Center in Newport, with Aquatic Therapy available at the
Mountain Edge Resort in Sunapee.
Sports Medicine and Physical Rehabilitation Center
County Road, New London, NH • 526-5256
Newport Health Center
John Stark Highway, Newport, NH • 863-8936
The Sleep Disorders Center at New London Hospital provides sleep study services for inpatient and
outpatient populations.
All patients are assessed using pulse oximetry, EKG and other testing mechanisms. Sleep studies are
interpreted by Donald Ayres, MD, Medical Director of the Sleep Disorders Center.