Friends of New London Hospital | September/October 2013
Once again, sunny skies set the stage for this year’s
Breast Cancer Awareness golf event at the Lake
Sunapee Country Club (LSCC), which attracted 100
participants. Women from LSCC and Baker Hill Golf
Club hosted the annual tournament, which raised
more than $17,500 to help provide breast cancer
diagnostic testing and treatment to patients in our
community who might not otherwise be able to afford
it. Local businesses and families sponsored holes,
donated items for a live auction, and planted flower
pots that were sold at the event. More than $85,000
has been raised since the tournament’s inception.
Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Golf Tournament Raises
MoreThan $17,500 For Mammography Program
Photo: Left to Right)
Deb McGrath,
Gwen Jefferson,
Bruce King,
Sandee Morroe,
Emily Foehl,
Mag Francis,
Sarah McCann,
Hilda Lyon.
Missing from photo:
Peg Andrews,
Sharon Lavigne.
New London Hospital is now offering all patients
D mammography (also called tomosynthesis).
D mammography is an innovative technology
breakthrough for breast cancer screening and
detection allowing your doctor to see a level
of detail that was never before possible.
By combining 3D breast tomosynthesis with
D digital screening mammography, radiologists
are able to detect more cancers as well
as reduce the number of repeat call backs.
Kris Eschbach, DO, Radiologist at New London
Hospital commented, “the new 3D system
allows us to exam breast tissue in far greater
detail. We are proud to say we can offer this
benefit to every patient who comes in for
a mammogram at New London Hospital.”
For more information or to schedule
an appointment, contact the Radiology
Department at 603-526-5249.
DMammography Available at NLH
The 3D Mammography team and new 3D Imager.
Visit our
Open House
October 23
PM - 7:00 PM
New London Hospital
and learn
more about this innovative technology. Your Radiology Team will be there to answer any questions
you may have.