Page 4 - Friend of NLH Newletter - September / October 2012

Friends of New London Hospital September/October 2012
cessation classes and medication options (which the
hospital paid for), hypnosis, and stress relievers. New
patients are informed about our tobacco-free campus in
advance of admission whenever possible. Patients are
encouraged to tell staff if they use tobacco products.
This information is forwarded to their physician who
will make arrangements to provide them with adequate
resources while they are in the hospital.
Other initial wellness initiatives included:
Offering healthy options for meals and snacks in the
hospital’s cafeteria, Breezes Café
Detailed nutritional labeling and a bulletin board
with current articles about nutrition
Six-week Wellness 101 series led by Dr. Lori Richer,
Family Medicine, that emphasized the health of
mind, body and spirit
A monthly series of Lunch ‘n Learn topics, ranging
from stress reduction to the ABC’s of ZZZ’s
With annual support from an Anthem program that
provides reimbursement for wellness programs, NLH has
updated fitness equipment in the hospital’s fitness center,
the Fit Stop. Yoga and Zumba classes are offered regularly
and the hospital’s onsite weight loss program, TOPS
Taking Off Pounds Sensibly), has resulted in a total loss of
pounds. This summer, employees have participated
in a walking club that has covered the equivalent of the
distance from New London to Key West, FL and back.
At of the end of August, a group of employees began the
virtual trek from Boston to San Francisco.
On August 9, 23 NLH employees participated as a team
in the CIGNA 5K race in Manchester. Seven ran as a
women’s team and finished 24th out of 114 teams!
Future wish list plans include adding more evening
fitness classes, expanding the Fit Stop, holding an annual
employee wellness fair, and an on-site farmers’ market
during the summer months!
Employees are encouraged to complete an online
Health Risk Assessment each year, which has increased
awareness of individual health issues that may have gone
undetected and untreated. Preventive provider visits and
tests have increased and the hospital is beginning to see
a decrease in health insurance claims in some key areas
where prevention has been emphasized.
In the end, it’s about the health of our employees
and the message that sends to our patients and
community,” says Catherine Bardier. “Our goal is to have
a healthy, productive staff, and we’re well on our way to
accomplishing that.”
The NLH Team Shines at the August CIGNA 5K Race: 23 people represented NLH,
including 19 employees and four friends or family members.
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The WIN initiative is helping
to create a culture of health
in the workplace.