Nancy Clark and her husband,
Russell, lived in western New York
for many years where they raised
their four children. In 1979, due
to a job change, they moved to
New Hampshire. Later they moved
to Hartford, CT where Nancy was
able to put her business school
training to work as a secretary to
a Vice Principal at Weaver High School. When Nancy and
Russell retired and moved to Sunapee in 1992, she went to
work part-time in admissions at NLH. Then due to Russell’s
sudden illness, it became impossible for Nancy to continue
her job, as she was needed at home.
Fast forward ten years to when Nancy was approached by
a friend to become a volunteer at NLH. She started at the
front desk, greeting patients and visitors, and then moved
into the position she still holds today working a weekly shift
at the Friends of New London Hospital Gift Shop. Nancy
is also active in the Sunapee Seniors and the Sunapee
Gardeners. When asked why she likes to volunteer at NLH
she says, “I enjoy all the people I have met, old and new, as
they enjoy shopping in our friendly gift shop.” Thank you
Nancy, for your service!
New London Hospital is fortunate to have
a dedicated and caring community of
volunteers who contribute their time, talent
and energy in a variety of ways throughout
the organization. Patients, visitors and staff
are all touched by the generosity of these
individuals. From being the first, friendly
smile greeting all in our lobby, to working
in the Friends’ Gift Shop, to designing
flower arrangements for the residents of
the William P. Clough Center, to helping
with mail and office needs—and many other
roles—volunteers are an integral part of our
community hospital.
If you or someone you know is interested
in joining the volunteer program at NLH,
please contact Volunteer Services at
or call
to learn more. You can
also apply online at
Thank you! During August and September, as we were
concluding our 2013 fiscal year, we received 200 Annual
Fund gifts totaling over $110,000, more than doubling
last year’s giving during those same months. Your
generous gifts make all the difference to our continued
ability to provide excellent healthcare to thousands in
our communities.
While Annual Fund contributions are welcome at any
time, we know that many people assess their charitable
giving at this time of the calendar year. If you have not
made a recent donation to New London Hospital, we
hope you will choose us as one of the organizations
worthy of your year-end support.
Donations to New London
Hospital are tax-deductible to
the full extent of the law.)
Please use the
envelope provided
with this newsletter,
donate online at
or call our Community
Relations & Development
office to make your gift.
Season ofThanks-and-Giving
Volunteer Spotlight
On Saturday, September 28, Clarke’s
Hardware held an Open House to
celebrate their store expansion. During
the all-day event Clarke’s featured
a Blue Bucket Sale in support of
Pediatrics at NLH and Newport Health
Center. In return for a donation to
NLH, customers had the opportunity
to receive 20% off all their purchases
that fit in a 5-gallon bucket! More than
$2,000 was raised from 200 generous
shoppers. Thanks to all—and especially
to Clarke’s Hardware for this special
community partnership.
Clarke’s Hardware Helps Support New London Pediatric Care Center