Friends of New London Hospital | November/December 2013
Affiliation” – continued from page 1
NLH Trustees have been forward-
thinking and proactive in seeking this
affiliation,” according to NLH CEO
and President Bruce King. “It is to the
benefit of both medical institutions and
all those we mutually serve to affiliate
for improved healthcare quality and cost
control in our shared region.”
NLH’s more than 500 employees provide
primary and secondary care, with an 83-
bed total capacity, 25 acute and 58 long-
term. D-HH has over 8,000 employees,
is licensed for 396 beds and offers a broader array of
services. For NLH, partnership with a large tertiary care
hospital opens enhanced opportunities to utilize D-HH
specialists that a small hospital might not otherwise
offer, boosts New London’s standing with creditors and
offers possibilities for shared expenses.
The affiliation addresses a number of goals for D-HH
as well. It spreads financial risk over a larger pool of
patients as healthcare moves away from a traditional
fee-for-service model, in which providers are paid
according to the volume of their services, and toward
a model that supports “population health,” in which
providers concentrate on improving the health of the
population of a given region. In addition, NLH offers
an option when D-HH inpatient beds
are fully occupied for those patients
who could be better served in a smaller
hospital closer to their homes to be
transferred to NLH.
The affiliation is not a merger, as NLH
remains an independent hospital with
its own Board of Trustees and separate
financial assets. D-HH, however,
will have “reserve powers.” Two-
thirds of NLH’s Trustee seats will be
recommended locally and then sent
to D-HH for approval, while the remaining one-third
would be appointed directly by D-HH. Major NLH
governance decisions, capital and operating budgets,
major borrowing, and changes in clinical services will
also require D-HH approval.
As the healthcare landscape continues to undergo an
array of changes, many of which are not predictable,
the D-HH affiliation is expected to strengthen NLH and
to help assure its long-term sustainability as a critical
access community hospital.
If you have questions regarding the affiliation,
we encourage you to contact us at dh.affiliation@
Psychiatrist Linda Call, MD Joins NLH
NLH is pleased to welcome
psychiatrist Linda Call, MD to its
medical team. Dr. Call works with
both adults and children but has a
special interest in helping children
and adolescents. Most recently
she worked at Acadia Hospital
in Bangor, ME as a Child and
Adolescent Psychiatrist.
Prior to entering the medical
field, Dr. Call had a career in
education as a math teacher in
North Carolina and Mississippi.
As a teacher, she worked with
many students that she felt
could benefit from some psychiatric support. “I was
always interested in medicine and I love working with
children and adolescents,” says Dr. Call. “I decided to
go to medical school and study psychiatry so I could
serve in a role that helps empower patients to make a
positive difference in their lives.”
Dr. Call received her medical degree from the
University of Mississippi Medical School in Jackson,
MS. She completed her
residency in the Department of
Psychiatry and her fellowship
at the Department of Child &
Adolescent Psychiatry, both at
Dartmouth-Hitchcock. “I am
thrilled to be a part of the New
London Hospital and Newport
Health Center team,” said Dr.
Call. “Our community hospital is
such a gem and is really tuned
into the community needs. Life is
complicated and messy and there
can be times when it’s just too
much. We all need and deserve
support and I am excited to be
here offering that support.”
Dr. Call is certified by the American Board of
Psychiatry and Neurology in General Psychiatry.
She will see patients at New London Hospital and
Newport Health Center.
For more information or
to schedule an appointment with Dr. Call, contact
New London Hospital at 603-526-5068.
have been forward-
thinking and
proactive in seeking
this affiliation.”
CEO and President
Bruce King
Linda Call, MD