Over the last year all NLH employees participated in
a Patient and Family Centered Care (PFCC) training
program. New employees receive the same training
during their orientation. Institutional leadership felt
this was a critical investment to make to enable NLH
to better serve our patients and their families.
Cindy Howe, MSN, RN, Director of Clinical Services,
and Chair of the PFCC Committee states, “Patient
Family Centered Care at New London Hospital
facilitates patient-healthcare team partnerships
that encourage information exchange and shared
decision-making. Today’s healthcare system is
complex and health reform will continue to evolve.
PFCC engages patients and families to co-design ideal
care delivery at NLH and keeps us heading in the right
direction and preparing us for what the future holds.”
Along with Cindy Howe, the committee members
from NLH’s staff include: Catherine Bardier, Erica
Belisle, Lynn Lagasse, Holly Lansdale, Terry LeBlanc,
Lori Underwood and Mike Willitts. Patient-family
representation members include: Dick Benson, Nancy
Malm, and Olive Sutton. The committee meets every
other month and has worked on such initiatives
as having coffee and snacks available for families
in the Inpatient waiting area and streamlining the
Outpatient registration process so that patients
can register when they schedule or confirm
an appointment so they don’t have to make
an additional stop at the registration desk when
they arrive.
At the core of Patient and Family Centered Care
is the Patient Bill of Rights. NLH has adopted a set
of patient rights that includes 17 items. The full
text of the document can be found on our website:
NLH has also developed an information guide
to help patients and their families. The guide includes
information describing the members of the healthcare
team, nutrition services and dining options, services
telephone, Wi-Fi, television, mail and flowers,
newspapers), housekeeping, accommodations,
spiritual care and the Chapel, Friends Gift Shop,
ATM, the importance of hand hygiene, privacy, pain
management, other services, Volunteer Services,
and understanding the billing process, including
information on financial assistance.
If you have a question about Patient and Family
Centered Care at NLH, please contact Cindy Howe
Patient and Family Centered Care at NLH
Every patient at New London Hospital is part of a unique family unit with
its own strengths and capabilities. We respect the importance of the family,
as defined by the patient, and encourage family involvement and support
in patient care. We believe in partnering with each patient and family
to give the highest quality of care to each patient. Our philosophy
of care includes these values:
View families as partners who contribute to the well being of patients
The patient’s family, as defined by the patient, is an important part of the healthcare team
Support quality of care and patient satisfaction by partnering with patients and families for all levels of care
Respect for the diversity of patient families
Share complete and unbiased information with patients and families, with the patient’s consent
Provide a healing environment for patients and families