Friends of New London Hospital | May/June 2013
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Foundation Grant Helps Pediatric
Patients andTheir Families
New London Hospital (NLH) recently received a generous foundation
grant to purchase pediatric counseling resources. The foundation donors,
who wish to remain anonymous, wanted
to support the hospital’s pediatric
providers in both New London and
Newport by allowing them to offer
children and young adults and their
families quality care that emphasizes
prevention and a healthy lifestyle. The
team provides support and guidance
for families using a multi-disciplinary,
holistic approach to care.
It is increasingly acknowledged that pediatric practice includes assisting
with not only the physical but also the developmental and behavioral
needs of children and families. With changes in the constitution of the
traditional” family, a growing number of children with chronic illness
and sensory issues, and the increasing role of primary care providers
as an entry into mental and behavioral health care, there are a wide range
of challenges and opportunities for pediatric care providers in meeting the
needs of their patients.
New London
Pediatric Care
Center Receives
Excellence in
The New Hampshire Department
of Health and Human Services
DHHS) recognized six practices
in the State of New Hampshire
for their high immunization rates
and perfect compliance to the
national Vaccine for Children
standards. New London Pediatrics
was honored with the Excellence
in Vaccines for Children Program:
Childhood Immunization Initiatives.
Honey Vaine,
RN, pediatrics
the award
on behalf
of the
New London
Pediatric Care
Center at the
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NLH’s pediatric
team uses a multi-
disciplinary, holistic
approach to provide
care to families.
Rebecca Lozman DNP, CPNP, MPH (standing) and a pediatric patient and her mother
are shown in one of the New London Pediatric Care Center exam rooms with some
of the counseling resources purchased with grant funds. Muralist Mattie Brown
donated her time and extraordinary talent to create the decorative murals found
in this exam room and throughout the Center.
Honey Vaine, RN, Pediatrics Practice