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Friends of New London Hospital May/June 2012
New Clough Center
Administrator is Named
Michael Willitts recently joined the leadership team at New London
Hospital as Administrator of the Clough Center. “We’re very pleased
to welcome Michael,” said Terry LeBlanc, COO. “He brings a lot of
experience as a manager with a deep understanding of resident care.”
Michael is a graduate of the Whittemore School of Business and
Economics at the University of New Hampshire, with an MBA and
a degree in Science of Hospitality Management. He has been an
administrator at several skilled nursing and resident facilities over the
past eight years.
“I am excited about joining the Clough Center staff,” Michael noted.
“We’re here to serve the residents and their families because this is
their home. We will always strive to make Clough a comfortable, safe
place for everyone who lives here.”
Daffodil Days Fundraiser Brings Joy to Clough Center Residents
For the past several years, the Health Occupations
Students of America (HOSA) from Sugar River Technical
School at Newport Middle High School have helped
NLH raise money for the American Cancer Society by
selling daffodils in the Newport community. This year,
the students wanted everyone to be able to participate
in sharing the message of hope for cancer patients
and survivors. They separated the bundles of flowers
and sold 450 flowers individually to students, staff, and
community members in Newport, raising over $500 to
give to the American Cancer Society.
These same students also participated in a clinical
rotation in the Clough Center this past fall and returned
to share Daffodil Day with the residents. “After our 100
hours of clinical at New London Hospital, we realized
how much we missed our friends at the Clough Center.
We all decided to take the HOSA fund money we raised
selling ice cream and baked goods at school to buy
each resident a daffodil with a message of hope. It was
a joyful experience to visit with those who helped me
realize the healthcare field was for me. Thank you New
London Hospital,” said Holly Towne.
One of the Clough residents commented, “I can’t
remember the last time I smelled a
fresh daffodil. It brings back
wonderful memories of being
outdoors in spring.”
Six Students Explore Healthcare Careers at NLH
During the spring break school vacation, six high school
students participated in New London Hospital’s Caring
Student Intern (CSI) program to learn about healthcare
and healthcare careers during a weeklong “hands-on”
experience. The students wore special scrubs to identify
them as they visited different areas of the hospital. They
learned how to use a vital sign machine, toured the
Emergency Department and ambulance, received CPR/
First Aid training, met several Clough Center residents,
learned about the technology used in the Radiology
Department, participated in several laboratory
procedures, and watched a simulated surgery.
Dr. James Murphy, Chief Medical Officer and
orthopaedist, introduced students to the field of
orthopaedics, emphasizing the years of training
required. Other NLH clinical staff members also spoke
to the students about their careers, why they chose that
career, and the education and training that are required.
On the final day of the program, students learned
interviewing skills and how to apply for a position
in healthcare. The day ended with a certification
celebration attended by staff and family members.
“We hope this program opens the students’ eyes to
the wide variety of career choices in healthcare and
encourages them to volunteer to learn even more,”
said Nancy Collins, Volunteer Manager and CSI
program coordinator.
And the students agreed. Said one participant, “I had
no idea how many people it takes to run a hospital and
the commitment it takes. As Dr. Murphy told us, go into
medicine and healthcare because it’s your passion. This
week I’ve learned a little more about what I care about
and want to do.”
L to R: Nancy Collins,
Volunteer Manager and
CSI program coordinator
with CSI students: Ishpreet
Burman, Victoria Botana,
Samantha Mulvey, Erin
Tevere, Sabrina Freese,
Megan Dessanti
SUNDAY, August 5th
7:15 AM - 8:15 AM
REGISTRATION at New London Historical Society
9 AM Race Starts at Bucklin Beach - Raffle or Mount
Sunapee Winter Season Pass, Post Race party and
prizes by age group, T-shirts for all preregistered
entrants and all volunteers.
For more information, visit
or call 526-5265
Sugar River Technical School
LNA students present a
daffodil to Adrienne Adams,
Clough resident.
From left to right are Holly
Towne, Brianna DeFilippis, Elyse
Rubchinuk, Amanda Bolduc,
Ashley Belanger, Angelique
Watts, Vanessa Richardson, and
Tanya Wilkie, M.Ed, BSN, RN,
who is the LNA instructor for the
program and a former NLHA
Board member.