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Friends of New London Hospital | May/June 2012
Supporting New London Hospital through active service and philanthropy
Fit for Life
Program Promotes
Healthy Lifestyle for High School Students
“Your child’s nutrition and activity directly impact her health and well-being
now and in the future! Did you know that a healthy diet and a lifestyle filled
with activity can improve your child’s emotional, behavioral and academic
So begins the introductory letter to the families of Newport Middle High
School (NMHS) students who have chosen to participate in a new 10-week
program called
Fit for Life
. Over 70 students are now officially enrolled in this
exciting initiative geared to high school students who want to be more active.
Fit for Life
activities include group classes such as Zumba, spinning, hiking,
and yoga; a 3-month gym membership; and personalized nutrition sessions.
Participants can suggest and design other activities, and their families are
also encouraged to participate in any of the events. The program also
offers a nutrition session on grocery shopping—How to Shop Healthy and
Economically! A
Fit for Life
Facebook page offers healthy tips and recipes for
the family to enjoy and try. Each participant also receives a specially designed
Fit for Life
t-shirt, exercise equipment for home use, and exercise DVDs.
Fit for Life
program was designed by Rebecca Lozman, DNP, CPNP,
MPH, a pediatric nurse practitioner at Newport Health Center and the Tiger
Treatment Center—the NMHS school-based health clinic established by
New London Hospital in 2003. Rebecca is working with Samantha (Sam)
Rosendahl, a graduate of NMHS, who is the
Fit for Life
project manager.
Here is an excerpt of a speech
that Rebecca Lozman, designer of
Fit for Life
program at NLH,
gave to program participants and
their families about her childhood
experience and why she is so
passionate about this program:
“I was about 12 when my
pediatrician said to my mother and
me, ‘Well, her weight seems to be
growing a little faster than her height
is.’ I was lucky to have a parent who
was willing to help me make smarter
decisions with leading a healthy
lifestyle. I remember looking at my
favorite recipes with my mom and
us talking about how we could make
each recipe a little bit healthier. And
that summer, we rode our bikes
almost every day together as a
family. By doing this, not only did we
maintain a healthy lifestyle, we also
had great family bonding! We hope
that this program will help the family
as a whole find creative ways that
work best for you in maintaining a
healthy lifestyle.”
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Rebecca Lozman, DNP, CPNP, MPH