A new event takes shape…
Plans are underway for NLH’s premier
fundraising event of the year and The Friends
of New London Hospital Event Planning
committee are asking everyone to save the
date for “An Evening for Propelling Wellness.”
This new fundraiser, affectionately known
as “The Propeller,” will be held in a private
airplane hanger at Parlin Airfield in Newport,
NH on June 15.
This year’s event planning committee has expanded
to include some new faces and is comprised of a
diverse group of community members from across the
Lake Sunapee Region. They are donating their time,
energy and ideas to ensure The Propeller is a success.
According to Cynthia Marshall, one of the founding
committee members, “Many of the people who have
worked on the Gala from its earliest days are thrilled
to welcome the new committee members who have
already brought enthusiasm and exciting new ideas to
the planning of this event. We’re all looking forward to
happy landings in Newport at this year’s Propeller.”
The committee held its first meeting back in October
to brainstorm creative concepts to move away from a
traditional black-tie Gala. The Propeller will put a “spin”
on the event formerly known as the Gala and add a
casual flair with Monte Carlo “funny money” gaming,
photo booth style pictures next to airplanes, dancing
and limbo to a steel drum band and much, much more.
Behind the Scenes of Every
Great Event is a Committee
Hard at Work
Members of the Propeller planning committee braved a winter
snowstorm to kick off their planning activities at Bubba’s in
Newbury, NH.
L to R: Sue Elliot, Donna Ferries, Cynthia Marshall, Diann Powell
Honorary Co-Chair, and Anne Holmes, Chair, NLH Board of Trustees
Sue Elliot, a second-year member of the committee, said,
The fundraiser this year is a real departure from what has
been done in the past! The venue is exciting and there
will be something for everyone. The evening will be a
chance to try our luck at some card games as well as an
opportunity to be with old friends and to meet new ones.
If you know of anyone who has a fancy for old aircraft,
there will be some on display! I am excited once again to
be a part of such a great group as we plan to make this
evening a fun filled night for all.”
So what does a
planning committee do?
While the committee works together as an effective
team, it is also comprised of sub-committees that focus
their unique talents or skills to help shape specific
parts of the event. The ticket sub-committee ensures
the overall success of the event by engaging the local
community and promoting ticket sales to family, friends
and community members.
The airplane hanger is a large space with potential for
innovative ideas so the decorations sub-committee is
tapping their creativity to transform the space into a
dynamic place to have fun. And the cuisine sub-committee
is helping to guide culinary choices and guarantee the
evening is full of heavenly aromas, delicious food and
happy palates.
Giving Back…
When we asked the committee to share what drives
them to volunteer for these fundraising events, their
passion for our community hospital is evident. Donna
Ferries, veteran committee member and star of the
cuisine committee, said, “New London Hospital is a
real jewel in our community. My husband John and I
have volunteered in different ways to help the hospital’s
outreach programs form a meaningful connection with
the community. The Propeller is an especially effective
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