Friends of New London Hospital March/April 2013
NLH and Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H) have filed an affiliation
agreement with the New Hampshire Attorney General’s
Office, beginning a review process aimed at strengthening
the relationship between the two institutions.
Under the affiliation, NLH will integrate its governance
and certain clinical, financial and administrative activities
with Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Subject to certain approval
powers reserved to Dartmouth-Hitchcock, the Hospital
will retain its status as a separate legal organization that
has its own Board of Trustees and management.
Trustees of both NLH and D-H recently voted to
approve and authorize the affiliation in accordance
with “mutually agreeable key terms,” including
integration and collaboration of clinical services and
quality improvement efforts, and enhancement of
primary and specialty care services to NLH’s patients.
Update on the
New London Hospital –
Affiliation Discussions
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A number of clinical and administrative relationships
already exist between the two institutions: NLH recently
joined Dartmouth-Hitchcock in its Pioneer ACO
program, aimed at providing high-value primary care to
Medicare beneficiaries in New Hampshire.
Two public forums on the agreement­—one in New London
and one in Newport­—were held the week of March 11.
There will also be a 120-day public comment period. The
subsequent filing of the agreement begins lengthy due
diligence and regulatory review processes by the NH
Division of Charitable Trusts and state anti-trust laws.
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Legislative Breakfast
On February 22, NLH hosted an annual
Legislative Breakfast for State Representatives,
State Senators and County Commissioners who
represent NLH’s 15-town service area. Bruce King,
President and CEO, Dave Foss, Sr. Director of
Information Systems and Dr. James Murphy, Chief
Medical Officer presented the group with NLH’s
strategic initiatives including the current successes
and challenges that face a small rural hospital in
New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Hospital
Association representatives were also present
to discuss current state and federal legislation
affecting hospitals in New Hampshire.
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