Some kids are natural athletes. Others are happier
picking dandelions in the outfield than getting in the
game. And almost all children will run to the ice cream
truck before they’ll hit the veggie stand. Eating right
and exercising are important for all youngsters. Here
are a few tips to help children live a healthy lifestyle.
To control weight and fight disease, children and
teens need 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous
physical activity every day of the week. Their diets
should contain a variety of foods with healthy
nutrients. And they should spend no more than one
or two hours daily in front of the TV or computer.
That’s daunting enough for adults. How do you get
your kids to comply? These strategies may help.
Set a Healthy Example
■ ■
Children learn from what you do more than what
you say. Eat plenty of healthy foods like fruits,
vegetables, low-fat dairy products, lean meats,
and whole grains.
■ ■
Ask kids to help plan and cook nutritious meals
and eat them together. Start a new family
game—reading food labels at the grocery store
and making the healthiest pick.
■ ■
Avoid rewarding children with food and set
concrete goals and limits so kids know what to
expect. For instance, allow two desserts other
than fruit per week.
■ ■
Set similar, hard-and-fast rules about screen time.
Go through the TV guide and pick shows you want
to watch. When they’re over, turn off the tube.
Help Your Kids Make Healthy Choices
Get Kids Moving
■ ■
Make exercise a family affair, too. Plan active
events together, like hiking or a mini-golf game.
■ ■
Don’t force exercise or use it as a punishment.
Instead, try balancing it with a less desired task.
For instance, tell your child she can put off
homework for 30 minutes while she rides her bike.
■ ■
Tailor activities to your child’s age, ability, and
interests. Buy active toys like balls for little
ones. As children grow, help them find activities
they enjoy. These could include sports, yoga,
dance, skateboarding, or walking. A love of
fitness in youth leads to a healthy lifestyle for
years to come.
After 34 years on the NLH
medical staff, Jeffrey Powell, MD
retired in February, 2013. Dr.
Powell provided compassionate
care to families in the community
as a primary care physician in the
Internal Medicine practice.
Over the years, Dr. Powell has
dedicated his career to providing
patient centered care and has
made invaluable contributions to the hospital. He
served as President and Vice President of the Medical
Staff, Vice President for Medical Affairs of the hospital,
Dr. Jeffrey Powell Retires After More Than 30 Years of Service
Chairman of the Department of Medicine, a delegate to
the House of Delegates of the NH State Medical Society,
and an Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine
at Dartmouth-Hitchcock.
In addition he was instrumental in the implementation of
an electronic medical record system in the New London
Physician Practices. Dr. Powell also received the 2012
New Hampshire Hospital Association Medical Staff of
the Year Award.
It is with sincere thanks and gratitude that New London
Hospital congratulates Dr. Powell on his retirement.