Friends of New London Hospital March/April 2013
Advanced 3D Mammography continued from page 1
The new Hologic
system is designed so each breast
screening can be tailored to the patient by delivering
both digital (2D) mammography and breast tomosyn-
thesis. The system is also built to be more flexible and
comfortable for patients receiving a mammogram. “Early
detection is the best defense against breast cancer and
the high-quality imaging will allow us to more accurately
pinpoint abnormalities,” continued Dr. Eschbach. “This
technology will allow us to be able to see inside the
breast in a way we never have before.”
The Hologic
system with breast tomosynthesis will be
available at New London Hospital in spring/summer
of 2013.
For further details contact the Radiology
Department at 603-526-5249.
Staffed 24/7, 365 days a year, the department includes
registered Radiologic Technologists, four of whom
perform mammograms and five who are Board
Certified Radiologists from VPRA. On average New
London Hospital provides 3,500 mammograms a year
to patients in the hospital’s service area. In addition
to screening and diagnostic mammograms, NLH also
offers interventional procedures such as breast biopsy,
cyst aspiration, wire localization and sentinel node
lymphoscintigraphy. The department is in the process
of training in preparation for the arrival of the new
D mammography system.
NLH was the first hospital in the state to offer
Digital Mammography. The department’s divisions
of Mammography, Ultrasound, CT and MRI are all
accredited by the American College of Radiology.
For more information contact the Radiology
Department at 603-526-5249.
Giving Every Woman Access to a Mammogram
NLH offers a Mammography Program for women
who cannot afford a mammogram or other
diagnostic service related to breast health,
including routine and follow up mammograms,
breast ultrasound and breast biopsy. Funded by
generous donations, the program has helped
women to receive no cost or reduced cost
mammograms since 1990.
To inquire about this
program please call 603-526-5278.
Meet your Radiology Team continued from page 1
Mammography Team (L to R): Laurie Lacombe, Mammography
Coordinator, Mary Russell, Lead Mammographer, Deb
Lessor, Mammographer, Deb Berube, Director of Radiology/
Mammographer, Bonnie Smith, Mammographer
New London Pediatric Care Center
Welcomes Pediatrician Brenda Foley MD, FAAP
NLH is pleased to welcome Brenda Foley, MD, FAAP to its pediatric team. Dr. Foley is
working alongside Sarah Lester, MD and Aram Kalpakgian, PA-C at the New London
Pediatric Care Center.
For over 20 years Dr. Foley has dedicated her career to child-focused healthcare.
She has practiced in New Hampshire for 13 years working as a pediatrician at Lilac City
Pediatrics, Derry Pediatrics and most recently Pediatric Health Associates in Bedford.
Prior to working in New Hampshire, Dr. Foley was a staff pediatrician at Langley Air
Force Base (AFB), VA and Wilford Hall Medical Center at the Lackland AFB, TX. In
addition she is a long-time volunteer and has participated in medical missions for
Outreach360, a non-profit organization focused on education and community health
for disadvantaged neighboring communities in the Dominican Republic.
Dr. Foley earned her medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine in
Boston, MA and completed an internship and residency in pediatrics at US Air Force
Medical Center Keesler AFB in Mississippi.
For more information or to schedule an
appointment with Dr. Foley, call 603-526-5363.
Brenda Foley, MD, FAAP