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New London Hospital is the 1st Critical
Access Hospital in New Hampshire
to Offer Advanced 3DMammography
According to the American
Cancer Society, there are
currently more than 2.9 million
breast cancer survivors in the
United States. The mortality
rate from breast cancer has
dropped by about 30 percent
over the past three decades.
Early detection and screening
have played a large role in
this decrease.
New London Hospital (NLH)
has long been committed to
offering patients advanced
screening and powerful
diagnostic tools for the early
detection of breast cancer. In 2002 NLH was the first hospital in New Hampshire
to offer digital mammography. This year NLH will be the first Critical Access
Hospital in the state to offer patients combined digital mammography and 3D
mammography (also called tomosynthesis) for breast screening.
Tomosynthesis allows a
radiologist to view breast
tissue in thin layers helping
them to see an advanced
level of detail that was never
thought possible. When
a patient has a breast screening with tomosynthesis, a camera moves over
the breast taking multiple images from different angles. The images are
combined to produce a three-dimensional rendering of the entire breast.
By combining 3D Breast Tomosynthesis with 2D Digital Screening
Mammography, Radiologists are able to detect more cancers as well as
reduce the number of repeat call backs. Abnormalities such as masses,
distortions and dense tissue can be seen more clearly in areas that may
have been questioned with a 2D mammogram. “Recently published
studies have shown a significant increase in detection rates of invasive
cancers, while at the same time decreasing the rate of false-positives
when compared to 2D mammography alone,” stated Kris Eschbach, DO,
radiologist at New London Hospital. “This increase in cancer detection
was found across all breast tissue densities which will benefit all women
by allowing earlier diagnosis.”
Meet your
Radiology Team
The main focus of the radiology
team at New London Hospital
NLH) is to provide a welcoming
environment that focuses on quality
and patient comfort. The Radiology
Department, in conjunction with
Valley Radiologists Professional
Association (VRPA), offers a range
of routine radiology services in New
London and at Newport Health
Center. Services include Digital
Mammography, Ultrasonography,
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MRI), Computed Tomography (CT),
Nuclear Medicine, Fluoroscopy and
Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD).
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Dr. Kris Eschbach, DO, radiologist
D mammography provides
radiologists with a greater level
of detail of the breast tissue.