Page 3 - Friend of NLH Newletter - July / August 2012

Exemplary Teamwork Saves a Life
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administering CPR. Paramedic Tim Campbell and
EMT-I Wayne Lacaillade quickly assessed the patient’s
condition and determined that he had no pulse.
Patrolman Dave Zugar of the New London Police
Department took over the CPR compressions and
requested assistance from the New London Fire
Department. Lacaillade placed the patient on a heart
monitor and started intravenous fluids, and Campbell
ensured that the patient’s airway was clear. The EMTs
then administered several rounds of medications and a
defibrillation shock. A pulse was temporarily regained,
but the patient had no blood pressure reading. Zugar
continued CPR.
Campbell called David Corbin, MD at the hospital
Emergency Department to consult. Several more rounds
of drug therapy and a second defibrillation shock were
administered, and the patient responded with a strong
pulse and a solid blood pressure.
The ambulance team transported the patient to NLH’s
Emergency Department and Dr. Corbin, Sally Morrill, RN
and Brenda Waller, RN provided additional medical care
to stabilize the patient for transfer to the Dartmouth-
Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) Cardiac Catherization
Lab. The ambulance team and two members of the
New London Fire Department transferred the patient to
All of this care took place in under two hours.
At DHMC, the patient underwent a successful procedure
to remove a cardiac artery blockage and was up and
walking around two days later.
New London Hospital has specific protocols established
with DHMC as a resource hospital, including Stroke,
Trauma and STEMI (ST Elevated Myocardial Ischemia)
Your Philanthropy at Work
Julie DeGalan
Senior Director of Development
Community members played a vital role in the success of New
London Hospital’s Building Toward The Future capital campaign that
allowed us to modernize and improve the facilities and programs of
the hospital. Today, many people are benefitting from the generosity
of those who participated in the campaign. Patients, families, staff
and visitors alike take great pride in the enhanced quality of our
community hospital and know that their gift made a difference.
Here in the Development Office, we maintain a “wish list” of projects
or equipment that NLH departments would like to acquire to enhance patient services or improve patient
outcomes. For those of you who have paid off your pledges to the capital campaign, you may be ready to
support one of these “wish list” projects in addition to your annual fund gift.
There are many worthwhile projects and items on the wish list. For example, the hospice room in the Clough
Center is due to be spruced up with new furniture, carpet, and paint. The Emergency Department hopes to
acquire a power stretcher for the ambulance that will assist our staff in putting patients in and taking them
out of the vehicle, thereby reducing the possibility of staff injury. The Facilities Department staff takes great
pride in keeping the hospital’s floors and carpets spotless, and an upgraded steam cleaner will allow them
to continue their fine work.
The Operating Room and Emergency Department were in need of a blanket warmer and will now be able to
purchase it thanks to the generosity of those who attended the Gala and made a gift in support of this item
during the auction, as well as a donor who stepped forward following the auction to “finish up” the project.
The Volunteer Spotlight story on page 6 describes five other projects that volunteers and donors funded
that will benefit various departments.
If you’re a donor who would like to have your gift linked to a specific effort or project, please do not
hesitate to contact me at
to hear more about the
items on our wish list. I look forward to speaking with you!
Happiness is a warm blanket, Charlie Brown!