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Friends of New London Hospital | July/August 2012
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New London Hospital’s Diabetes
Education Program Receives
National Recognition
Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in New Hampshire, which
makes it a significant problem in need of preventive education and
preventive management. A healthy diet and lifestyle can significantly lower
your chance of developing Type II Diabetes. Every day, 5,205 people are
diagnosed with diabetes, and New London Hospital (NLH) is taking strides
to promote diabetes prevention and education in our area by making self-
management an easy solution for Diabetes Type I and Type II patients.
Diabetes is a chronic disease consisting of
high levels of sugar in the blood and is a major
cause of heart disease and stroke, and a leading
cause of kidney failure, nontraumatic lower-limb
amputations, and new cases of blindness among
adults in the United States.
Recently, NLH was awarded the American
Diabetes Association Education Recognition
Certificate for its self-management education
program, having met national standards of
quality and excellence.
The mission statement of
New London’s self management
diabetes program is to provide
accessible, quality diabetes
education and assist with the
management of diabetes care
for patients in New London
and surrounding communities.
The program fosters and
supports diabetes self-care
using evidence-based tools
focusing on individual and
community education.
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Exemplary Teamwork
Saves a Life
True teamwork is what leads to success. A patient’s life
was saved because everyone involved worked together.
This spring, 911 received a frantic call from a woman who
said her husband was not breathing. Emergency units from
the New London Police Department and New London
Hospital were immediately sent and the dispatcher began
giving the caller phone instructions to initiate CPR (cardio
pulmonary resuscitation).
Upon arrival at the patient’s home, NLH Ambulance staff
found the patient’s wife talking on the phone while
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