Friends of New London Hospital January/February 2013
Through their efforts and hard work, the Friend’s Gift Shop
volunteers have raised $20,000 in revenue for NLH. Their
dedication and commitment have helped the hospital with
numerous initiatives, such as enhancing the healing
garden located outside the oncology suite and providing
support to hospital employees who may need assistance.
The Friend’s Gift Shop is an important revenue center
for the hospital thanks to over 25 generous volunteers
including Beverly Goring, the Shop’s main buyer, and
Rita James, Shop Manager and buyer.
The Friend’s Gift Shop offers a wide variety of products
from children’s toys and candy to an extensive jewelry
selection, Pashmina scarves and art. Visitors will also
be delighted by the range of seasonal gifts, cards and
music. The Friend’s Gift Shop is located in the front
lobby of New London Hospital and is open five days
a week, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m.
until 5:00 p.m.
Friend’s Gift Shop Volunteers Raise $20,000
Originally from New England, Mary Reed and her husband John had
lived in Florida for 18 years. After John passed away, Mary decided
to return to this area to be closer to her son and his family. She
moved to New London seven years ago and started volunteering
at New London Hospital to keep busy.
Mary used to volunteer in Med/Surg and Specialty Services, and
continues to treat the staff with goodies. She is currently a substitute
in the Friends Gift Shop, covering for staff and other volunteers
when needed. Mary also gives her time to the Center on Aging,
and puts in many hours as a driver, setting up card games and
answering the phones.
Mary has made many friends with both the staff and other volunteers.
There is a group of ladies that gets together socially and she enjoys
the fun and laughs they have together. “I love to volunteer at New
London Hospital because of the people and the co-volunteers that
I have become such good friends with,” said Mary.
Thank you Mary for making us a part of your life
and volunteering here at New London Hospital!
Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Reed
Mary Reed
LtoR) Judy Evans, Mary McGee, Gift Shop Manager/Buyer Rita James, Main Buyer Beverly Goring,
President & CEO Bruce King, Fay Barden and Ingrid Wain