There is no shortage of reasons why you should exercise.
Research shows that exercise can contribute to a lower
risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes; less stress;
a better night’s sleep; and improved mood. OK, so you’re
sold on the benefits of exercise. But how do you get
started—and make exercise a regular feature of your life?
Move More
If you’re inactive, one of the first things you can do is to
simply start moving more. Turn off the TV or computer,
and walk the dog or go bowling. Make a point to take
the stairs or play with the kids more. To help motivate
you to get those steps in, you might clip a pedometer
to your waist. Moving more and incorporating exercise
into your daily routine is especially important because
it is a key component to help reduce the risk of falling,”
states Matt Petrin, OTR/L, director of Sports Medicine
and Rehabilitation Services at NLH. “Research shows
that this is particularly true for adults age 65 and older.”
Do Activities That You Enjoy
Despite all the great things exercise can do for you,
research says that only about 15% of adults work
out enough to boost their health. For greater health
benefits, you will need to get your heart pumping with
aerobic exercise. Aim for at least two and a half hours
of moderate-intensity physical activity a week. You
should also strength train two to three times a week.
Experts stress this point again and again: It’s important
to pick aerobic activities that you enjoy. There are lots of
choices. If you don’t like jogging, consider brisk walking,
biking, dancing, hiking, cross-country skiing, basketball
or swimming. For strength training, you can use free
weights, resistance bands or weight machines. Or you
can use the weight of your own body with exercises such
as push-ups and sit-ups.
Are You a Gym Person—or Not?
Another factor to consider: Where do you want to work
out? Do you prefer to be around others? Do you like the
idea of easy access to equipment, exercise classes and
fitness professionals? If so, you might want to join a gym.
You can also exercise at home or outdoors. The
equipment you need will depend on your preferences.
But you don’t necessarily have to spend any money.
You can get a good aerobic workout by doing jumping
jacks or climbing up and down stairs. If you purchase
a treadmill or other home exercise equipment, try it out
in the store first. Does it have all the features you need?
Is it safe?
Be sure to check in with your doctor before starting
an exercise program if you’ve been inactive for a long
period of time, suffer from a chronic health condition,
or are planning a vigorous workout.
Begin ExercisingThis New Year...at Home, at the Gym, Anywhere
Tina Walker, Director of Child Care Services for ABC’s
Child Care Center at NLH, was named one of three
professionals in the state to receive the 2012 Excellence
in Child Care Award from Early Learning NH. Each year,
Early Learning NH recognizes distinguished individuals
who represent the best in the field of early childhood
education for their outstanding dedication and commitment
to helping children reach their full potential.
Ms. Walker was nominated by her employees for her
many contributions to the field of early child care and
education. She continually strives to provide the highest
quality services and support to parents, children and
staff at NLH and is known for her innovative ways in
initiating hospital, community and center-based projects.
Ms. Walker was honored with the other recipients
at a reception hosted at Governor John Lynch’s office.
Early Learning NH is a non-profit organization
committed to ensuring that all New Hampshire children
have the opportunity to reach their full potential by
expanding access to affordable quality child care and
early education. Ms. Walker has worked at NLH for
over 20 years, where she has cared for more than 400
children ranging in age from birth to six years old. She
is a resident of Sunapee, NH.
NLH’s Director of Child Care Services
Receives Excellence in Child Care Award
Tina Walker with children from
ABC’s Child Care Center at NLH