What is an ACO and why is my doctor involved in it?
An ACO is a group of doctors, hospitals and other
health care providers working together to provide
you with improved coordinated care. The goal of
coordinated care is to ensure that patients, especially
the chronically ill, get the right care at the right time
while avoiding unnecessary duplication of services and
preventing medical errors.
Your doctors will communicate closely with your
other health care providers to deliver high-quality
care and meet your individual needs. A set of 33
quality measures will be used to gauge the success
of the ACO. These measures will examine the patient/
caregiver experience, preventive health and chronic
disease management.
NLH has established an ACO Help
and Laura
Harding, RN, WCC, Transitional
Care RN will be available to answer
your questions, or you can talk with
your doctor the next time you have
an appointment.
Update on the New London
Hospital – Dartmouth-Hitchcock
Affiliation Discussions
The New London Hospital and Dartmouth-Hitchcock
Boards have approved the key terms to an Affiliation
Agreement. During an early December board meeting,
the D-H Board of Trustees voted to authorize
Dr. James Weinstein, President and CEO, to sign
a document outlining the key terms of a collaboration
agreement with NLH. NLH Trustees voted unanimously
in mid- December to authorize Bruce King, President
and CEO, to sign that same document.
The document outlines the purpose of the affiliation
and the mutual vision of both organizations and
describes the guiding principles of the affiliation. Both
organizations are committed to enhancing the health
status of individuals in the communities they serve
by focusing on population health, value-based care
and transitioning to population-based payment
models. The respective missions will be achieved best
by creating a more fully integrated health care delivery
system that avoids unnecessary duplication of services
while maximizing the benefits of health care delivery
decisions to better serve the
population health needs of the
communities. The agreement also
confirms both institutions’ interest
in furthering their charitable
mission, and their intention
to comply with the State of New
Hampshire’s charitable and tax
exempt requirements.
The specific details of the
affiliation agreement are being
drafted. Once finalized, the actions of both Boards
begin lengthy due diligence and regulatory review
processes by the New Hampshire Division of Charitable
Trusts and state anti-trust laws. There will also be
a 120-day public comment period. NLH will keep the
community updated as the process moves forward.
Partnering with Dartmouth-Hitchcock to Better Serve Our Patients continued from page 1
The goal of coordinated
care is to ensure that
patients get the right
care at the right time.
NLH is collaborating with Dartmouth-Hitchcock to provide a fully integrated health care delivery system
for residents in the Dartmouth and Sunapee region.