Friends of New London Hospital | January/February 2013
Supporting New London Hospital through active service and philanthropy
The Hospitalist Program
at New London Hospital
The world of hospital medicine has evolved over the years. The number
of inpatient interactions a physician has on a weekly basis has significantly
increased, acute care medicine has become more complex and new
technology is constantly being integrated. With the ever-changing,
fast-paced nature of the health care industry, Hospitalist programs
are transforming how health care is delivered to inpatients.
A Hospitalist program is made up of a team of physicians known
as Hospitalists, who are responsible for a patient’s medical care
during their stay in the hospital. In the same way a pediatrician
specializes in the medical care of children, a Hospitalist
specializes in the care of hospitalized patients.
In 2004, New London Hospital (NLH) recognized that primary
care physicians were faced with a growing number of
challenges. They had to divide their time between their
outpatient appointments, the increasing number of inpatient
admissions, ICU and medical surgery patients and also find
a way to stay current with the latest medical technology
advances. Dedicated to its patient and family centered
philosophy of providing the highest quality care, NLH
developed the Hospitalist program.
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NLH Hospitalist Gregory Curtis, MD
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Partnering with Dartmouth-Hitchcock
to Better Serve Our Patients
New London Hospital (NLH) is partnering with Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H) on two important initiatives:
joint participation in an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) care delivery model and a formal
affiliation agreement.
Accountable Care Organization
In January 2013 NLH doctors, in partnership with D-H,
will begin participating in a new ACO. The ACO initiative
hopes to achieve the “triple aim” of improving the
experience of care, improving quality and reducing
cost. NLH will utilize care coordination practices and
programs by focusing on patient outreach and education,
surrounding preventive care services, and regular follow
up for targeted chronic disease programs. Our efforts will
focus on patients with congestive heart failure, diabetes,
coronary artery disease, hypertension, advanced pulmonary
disease and other high-cost or complex medical conditions.
Accountable Care Organization
ACO) Help Line
NLH has established an ACO Help Line,
to answer your questions
about our coordinated care program,
or you can talk with your doctor the
next time you have an appointment.