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In Their Own Words:
NLH Surgical Patients
My family and I have been “customers” of New
London Hospital since the 1970s. We live in New
London, my wife works in New London, we have
an excellent history with NLH and I value the
personal service provided by a smaller hospital.
After about 15 years of continuing deterioration of
my knees, I finally scheduled bilateral knee surgery
to be performed by Dr. Peter Noordsij of Concord
Orthopedics at NLH. My surgery began at the
scheduled time.
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InTheir OwnWords
Colby, 3, and his sister, Grayson, 9 months, have been
lifelong patients of Sarah Stuart Lester, MD and the New
London Pediatric Care Center. Annie Beck, Colby and
Grayson’s mother, has been very happy with the care and
attention they have received as patients and as a family.
“It’s very important to me that we have such high quality
care locally,” says Annie. “The availability of pediatrics
has also been great; I’ve called several times after hours
and they’re always quick to respond. The Saturday walk-in
clinic is also really convenient.”
Annie appreciates the personalized care that her children
receive: “She may be their doctor, but she treats them
with the same care that she would give her own kids. Dr.
Lester has seen Colby for the last three years and knows
our family history, which is great now that she is seeing
Grayson.” Even if she is unable to make an appointment
with Dr. Lester, Annie feels comfortable in seeing another
practitioner. “We saw Dr. McGuire for Colby’s three year
check-up, and I didn’t mind at all because I know that
all the doctors work very closely together and will share
information about Colby’s visit.”
An important aspect of each visit is education: new
information is shared with parents, different practices are
explained, and any questions that patients or parents
might have are answered. “I already knew about the
usual immunizations, but Dr. Lester told me about
other optional vaccines and their benefits,” says Annie.
“Every time we have an appointment, we leave with
another educational handout on things that are important
The Beck Family (LtoR):
Colby, Tyler, Annie, and Grayson