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Friends of New London Hospital January/February 2012
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New London Hospital provides a pediatric practice
on the hospital campus and has comprehensive
pediatric services at Newport Health Center.
Complementing the board certified pediatricians,
Sarah Lester, MD (New London) and Tara Thurston,
DO (Newport Health Center) are Aram Kalpakgian,
PA-C and Rebecca Lozman, APRN, DNP. The two
physicians work in collaboration with Children’s
Hospital at Dartmouth (CHaD).
“I have been a parent at NLH Pediatrics for over
14 years. The team has always been very responsive,
accommodating and compassionate. Now that my
children are older, the staff always includes them in
their care decisions. I could not be more pleased
with the care we have received,” said Catherine
Budd of Newbury.
An important component to pediatric care within the
New London Hospital system is that Family Medicine
providers also practice pediatric care, thus allowing family
members to all have the same provider if they choose.
“When I am the primary care provider for at least two
generations of a family, I have a complete picture of the
health of more than just the children,” states Lori Richer,
MD, Family Medicine in New London. “In many ways,
this gives me the added ability to stress prevention with
a child when I know that there may be a health issue
within the family that could be addressed early and
subsequently prevented.”
At the Newport Health Center, Tara Thurston, DO
and Cecilia Vicuna Keady, APRN, FNP, DNP work in
partnership, seeing each other’s pediatric patients
when one or the other is not available for a patient
“We tell our patients that seeing the other provider is
just like seeing me,” said Tara Thurston, DO. “I ensure
that a family knows that Cecilia and I will share the
information from the visit and we will both follow up
with the patient as necessary. This partnership gives the
family much more access to timely care.”
For articles and information on your child’s health,
check out our new If You Have a Child page at
New London Hospital
Employees and Volunteers
Are Holiday Elves
New London Hospital employees and volunteers joined
together to make the holidays merrier by contributing
over 150 gifts to the Lake Sunapee Region Visiting Nurse
Association Christmas Elves program. The NLH Giving
Tree was decorated with individual stars with the first
name of a child and an individual wish item. Employees
and volunteers fulfilled the wish and more, adding another
special toy or item of clothing. All the gifts were delivered
to Tracy Memorial Library for the families to pick up on
December 10.
(LtoR): Cheryl Kutzner, Patient Access;
Rick Stewart, Concierge; Bob Hallisey,
Volunteer; Suzie Hough, Volunteer; Lisha
Kezar, Patient Access