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Friends of New London Hospital | January/February 2012
Supporting New London Hospital through active service and philanthropy
Friends Gift Shop Volunteers
Make Generous
Gift to the Hospital
At the annual holiday party of the Friends Gift Shop
volunteers, Beverly Goring, the committee chair,
announced that the FY2011 gift shop proceeds would
be given to two important hospital initiatives. A gift of
$10,000 was made to the NLH’s Helping Hands Fund,
which provides funds for employees who apply for
assistance for unexpected personal emergencies. The
funds are administered by an independent program and
counseling is included. A gift of $4,100 was committed
to purchasing more perennials and shrubs to fill in the
Healing Garden, which is located in front of the hospital.
Back Row, LtoR: Joanne Schuyler, Fay Barden, Natalie
Surprenant, Jo Fowler, Marian Biron, Clare Bennett, Bobbi Travis,
Rita James, Danella Pearson, Suzie Hough, Beryl Beltramini,
Jackie Canton, Mary Reed, Judy Evans, Julie Smith
Front Row, LtoR: Nancy Walters, Kathleen Belko, Elizabeth Otto,
Nancy Clark, Beverly Goring, Mary Ann Groulx, and Mary McGe
Excellent,Timely and
Compassionate Care for Children
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Prevention is one
of the hallmarks of pediatric practice and includes such diverse activities
as newborn screenings, immunizations, and promotion of car seats and
bicycle helmets.”
All of the pediatric care providers at New London Hospital and Newport
Health Center incorporate this statement into their patient care and note
that pediatric best practices encompasses more than just these hallmarks.
“Our focus is on the child and the family,” says Sarah
Lester, MD, pediatrician at the New London Pediatric
Care Center. “Preventive care involves much more than
just sharing information with a family. We want to be sure
that both the medical and the educational information
are understood, accepted and accessible. Telling a parent
that a child needs to be in a safe car seat is different than
taking it a step further to ensure that the family has the
resources to actually obtain that car seat.”
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