It has been a full year since New London Hospital
NLH) became the first hospital affiliate of Dartmouth-
Hitchcock (D-H). More recently Mt. Ascutney Hospital
in Windsor, Vermont became a D-H affiliate, and
two other New Hampshire hospitals are in process
to achieve this same status.
Since our October 1, 2013 affiliation, all departments
at NLH have entered into discussion with their respective
peers at D-H on how to work together for best quality
of patient care across our region and how to do that
most cost effectively. While some collaborative efforts
will evolve over time, one that is well underway
is to strengthen and expand our outpatient clinical
services at NLH, with more D-H providers seeing
patients in New London.
For years NLH patients have had local access to D-H
services in the areas of Gynecology/Urology (with Leslie DeMars, MD and Kris Strohbehn, MD); Oncology (with
Marc Gautier, MD and Elizabeth Kimtis, RN, MS, APRN of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center); and Pre/Post-Natal
Care (with Miriam Cordell, CNM, MS).
NLH President and CEO Bruce King explains, “In as many cases as it is financially prudent, we want to bring medical
specialists to our patients, rather than requiring our patients to travel out of our region to those specialists.”
The following chart lists new or expanded services provided at NLH by D-H specialists, already in place or beginning soon:
D-H Affiliation Update:
New Clinical Services
Main Services
Teresa Godsell, AuD, CCC-A Audiology
Amreen Dinani, MD
General Surgery
Meredith Sorensen, MD
Endocrine Surgery, Thyroid
Surgery, Parathyroid
Surgery, General Surgery
Charles F. Carr, MD
Sports Medicine
Paul Joseph Hecht, MD
Foot and Ankle
Stephen R. Kantor, MD
Hip and Knee
John Trent Nutting, MD
Otolaryngology (ENT)
Daniel Morrison, MD
General Surgery,
Allergy Testing
Pain Management
Ralph Beasley, MD
Pain Management,
Spine-related Problems,
Elias Hyams, MD
John Seigne, MB
General Urology,
Cystoscopy, Prostate
Biopsy, Surgical Procedures
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Urologist John Seigne, MB and
NLH RN Kelly Paquette with patient
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Teresa Godsell, AuD, CCC-A
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