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Friends of New London Hospital | March/April 2012
Supporting New London Hospital through active service and philanthropy
New London Hospital’s Laboratory Plays
a Vital Role in Patient Care
Physicians rely on accurate medical tests to assess and monitor a patient’s
health. In fact, estimates show that 60 to 70 percent of all decisions
regarding a patient’s diagnosis and treatment, hospital admission, and
discharge are based on laboratory test results. At New London Hospital, the
Barbara Jane Baker Memorial Laboratory provides this critical testing and
analysis around the clock, 365 days a year.
The B. J. Baker Memorial Laboratory provides a comprehensive range of
services, including phlebotomy (obtaining blood samples for diagnostic
testing), blood bank (preparing blood for patients who need transfusions),
chemistry testing to monitor kidney, liver, heart, and other organ function,
hematology/coagulation to diagnose blood disorders such as leukemia and
anemia and to monitor coagulation therapy, and microbiology to identify
normal bacteria and those that cause disease.
Prior to 1941, New London Hospital’s laboratory services consisted of only a
few procedures conducted by medical technology students at Colby Junior
College (now Colby-Sawyer College). One of these students was Barbara
Jane Baker. “Barbara would drive to the hospital to pick up the blood
samples and bring them back to the college for testing,” said Rebecca
Irving, a former classmate, and retired professor of medical technology at
Colby-Sawyer. Barbara contracted bacterial meningitis and passed away
in January 1941, so Rebecca and several of Barbara’s fellow students and
friends set up a memorial fund to support the hospital’s laboratory services.
Daniel Jones, MD, Pathologist, and Cloie
Bridgeo, Director of Laboratory Services
Words from a
Satisfied Laboratory
I am writing this to commend the
service my children and I received
at the lab at New London Hospital.
The phlebotomist drew blood from
four of my children ages 13 months
to 6 years. She showed great
skill in locating their veins on the
very first attempt with each child.
There was very little discomfort.
She was cheerful, professional and
exceptionally skilled in drawing
blood. I was so grateful to her. She
is such a wonderful example of
professionalism and quality caring,
and is a credit to New London
Hospital. If I ever need to give
another parent a recommendation
I will suggest your lab and this
Christine Caron
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