Friends of New London Hospital November/December 2012
The Friends of New London Hospital’s Art Program is
pleased to announce that the fall art exhibit, featuring
five local artists, will be on display until January 11, 2013.
Mixed media, photography, wood sculpture and more
can be seen and enjoyed in the halls NLH. For more
information about New London Hospital’s Arts Program,
please contact Kathleen Kennedy, Manager of the
Annual Fund and Grants, at
newlondonhospital.org or 526.5322.
Featured artists pose for a photo, with Bruce
King, President and CEO before unveiling
their work at a well attended Art Reception
on September, 27. (L-R) David Bashaw, Mark
Vernon, Yvonne Shukovsky, Bruce King,
Connie Leathers. Not shown: Elizabeth Moore
Art Exhibit on Display until January