Friends of New London Hospital November/December 2012
InTheir OwnWords…
Melissa Allen’s
first experience with New London
Hospital was one of medical necessity, but because
of her husband’s excellent care, she now returns
on a weekly basis to give back as a volunteer.
Last year, Melissa’s husband,
Larry Holdsworth,
was in a car accident on Main Street in New London.
Days after the accident Larry’s feelings of discomfort
were brushed off as whiplash. But as the extreme
pain continued, he realized that a trip to New
London Hospital was necessary to address what
he refers to as “one of the most debilitating
experiences of my life.”
The pained expression on Larry’s face, witnessed
by the clinical staff, was a clear indication that Larry
was experiencing more than whiplash. An MRI was
needed to identify the root of the pain. Dr. Joseph
Philips, a neurosurgeon, reviewed the MRI and
discovered that Larry had two herniated discs
and recommended a procedure (a discectomy)
to alleviate the pain.
Larry and Melissa own Gray Ledges Rentals and
Property Management, which is located in the
Eastman Community of Grantham, NH. Together,
they rent and manage over 60 properties in Eastman
and the surrounding New London area. They work
hard and, with a passion for outdoor activities,
maintain an active lifestyle, so they realized that
Larry would need the recommended surgery
as soon as possible.
Larry was no stranger to New London Hospital;
as a retired State Trooper, he visited the ER
frequently to help others with their emergencies.
He fondly remembers a Christmas card he received
from a patient who had an aortic rupture. He was
part of the blood relay that transported emergency
blood from Concord to New London to aid with
the patient’s survival.
Larry was admitted to same day surgery under
the care of Dr. Phillips and he and Melissa couldn’t
have been more pleased: “We thought his skill,
compassion and follow-through were great! We
highly recommend him!” Merely hours after the
surgery, Larry was back on his feet, albeit “walking
like a newborn calf” from the lingering effects
of anesthesia, and was able to return home with
Melissa the same day.
Throughout the whole experience, the staff is what
stood out most for Melissa. “The staff was professional
and kind. They treated Larry with confidence, skill
and humor,” said Melissa. “We were very impressed
with their knowledge of the process and what Larry
could expect.” They both agree, “We feel blessed
to have such a nice facility close by.”
Larry Holdsworth and Melissa Allen, Wilmot, NH