To honor the memory of his father, Charles “Bob” K. Nulsen,
Jr., and recognize the exemplary care he received at the
William P. Clough Extended Care Center, Charles “Charlie”
Nulsen III, of Maryland, and his family made a generous gift
to New London Hospital. The donation has benefited two of
Charlie’s personal interests, enhancing employee education
and improving the Clough Center for future residents.
When speaking with hospital employees, it’s easy to see
that Bob Nulsen certainly made an impression on everyone.
Clough Center nurse, Charles Robson, reflected on his
dynamic personality: “He was an absolute gentleman and nice
to everyone.” Clough Activity Assistant Kathleen Belko fondly
recalls the fanfare he created for Army/Navy football games.
Bob was a retired Army Colonel who went to West Point, and
would invite some old Army buddies and their spouses, along
with Clough residents, to watch the game. It was projected
on a big screen, compliments of the Facilities Department,
and Dietary Services would provide food.”
Inspired by the special attention given to his father in the
last several years of his life, Charlie established the Charles
K. Nulsen Jr. Employee Education Scholarship to acknowledge
the NLH staff. “During my father’s stay, I was always impressed
with the staff’s genuine commitment to my father’s care and
to him as a person,” said Charlie. The program provides
educational scholarships for employees who exemplify the
characteristics of a job well done and involvement in the
community. Joan Fowler, scholarship recipient, is thankful:
I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue my
education; these courses will enable me to become more
clinically involved with the care we give all residents in the
Clough Center.”
Charlie’s gift to the Clough Center also allowed significant
improvements to be made to the facility, including new
flooring and carpet in the lobby entry, Nurses Station, and
hallways. As the founder and president of a development
company focused on enhancing real estate, Charlie knows
that facility renovations have a lasting impact. “It was
the hope of my family that freshening up common areas
of the Center would brighten everyone’s day,” said Charlie.
Current Clough Center resident Mary Murphy is especially
appreciative stating, “the new wood floor makes it easier
for me to get to the dining room for meals and activities.”
Charlie’s philanthropic endeavors reach beyond the Lake
Sunapee Region to his home community in the metropolitan
Washington, D.C. area where he serves on the Board of the
Children’s Hospital Foundation and is also the co-founder
of The New Community Foundation Scholarship Program
that provides gap college funding for children in the Shaw
neighborhood of Washington, D.C.
New London Hospital is grateful to be the beneficiary of
Charlie Nulsen’s generous gift in remembrance of his father.
Charles K. Nulsen, Jr. Employee
Education Scholarship Program
at New London Hospital
The Charles K. Nulsen, Jr. Employee
Education Scholarship Program at New
London Hospital provides funds for
employees who exemplify the characteristics
of dedication to a job well done and
involvement in the community, and who
are seeking to further their education in
healthcare-related studies to better meet
the needs of the patients they serve.
Scholarships are for tuition-based post-
secondary education programs. A selection
committee, including representatives
from the hospital’s Human Resources and
Education Departments, facilitates the
selection of scholarship recipients.
The 2012 Charles K. Nulsen, Jr. Education
Scholarship award recipients are:
Sara Goulette, Physical
Therapist, is obtaining a
Post-Professional Doctor
of Physical Therapy
Christine Phipps, Clinical
Assistant, is obtaining an
Associates degree
in Nursing
Joan Fowler, Food Services
Director, is becoming a Certified
Dietary Manager
Joyce McSweeny,
Registered Nurse, is
obtaining a Bachelors
degree in Nursing
Andrea Carrier, LPN, is
obtaining an Associates
degree in Nursing.
Donor Spotlight: Charles “Charlie”K. Nulsen III