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Friends of New London Hospital November/December 2011
Non Proft Organization
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New London NH
Permit No. 15
Friends of New London Hospital
273 County Road
New London, NH 03257
Volunteer Spotlight: EvelynWeber
and Elizabeth Sherrill
Evelyn Weber
(right) have
been co-chairs of the
Hospital Days knitting
table for over 10
years, and have been
regular contributors
to the table for well
beyond that. The
knitting table has
been around for so long that it is hard for either of them
to remember how and when they became involved
in running it. During New London Hospital Auxiliary
luncheons, they would each pick up a packet that had
a pattern with all of the supplies to make items for the
knitting table.
For the past ten years or more, Lib’s daughter Liza
Near, has helped Evelyn and Lib with the knitting table.
Liza lives in Massachusetts, but travels to New London
to volunteer with her mom. She also feels a strong
connection with New London Hospital because of the
care she received after an unfortunate eye accident.
Dr. Gregory Barban, an ophthalmologist who works at
the hospital, left a function to treat Liza’s injury, which
could have severely impacted her eyesight. Now, she
is fully recovered, which she attributes to Dr. Barban’s
excellent care.
To enhance the appearance of the knitting table, Evelyn
once asked Scott Ireland, from the hospital’s Facilities
Department, to build her a rack to display her beautiful
handmade articles on the knitting table. Hand-knit
scarves, hats, knitted dishcloths, and children’s sweaters
are the most popular and best-selling items.
As the end of this year’s Hospital Day, Evelyn and
Lib decided to step down from their leadership
involvements. They will both help with next year’s
knitting table, but after that they will join the crowd
and enjoy visiting the other craft tables and displays
at Hospital Day. New London Hospital appreciates the
time and effort that all three ladies have put into the
knitting table for the beneft of the hospital.
If you are interested in taking a lead organizational
role, or participating next year with the knitting
table at Hospital Day (scheduled for Saturday,
August 4, 2012 on the New London Town Green),
please contact Susan Bryant at 603-526-5265 or
Nancy Collins at 603-526-5133.