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ABC’s Child Care
Center Celebrates
25th Anniversary
On a bright Sunday afternoon in September,
over 45 children and their parents attended
a celebration of ABC’s 25 years of caring
for children. Current ABC’s children and
graduates came together to play, reminisce,
enjoy a barbeque, and thank staff for the
fun and learning each child experiences at
ABC’s. Brett Simpson, who attended ABC’s
in 1993 as a three-year old, is now is 17 and
still remembers his teachers. The celebration
was also a time to honor teacher Aura
Hearne, who recently retired from ABC’s
after 13 years. Aura spoke fondly about all
the infants she had cared for during this
time. Tina Walker, ABC’s Child Care Center
Director, spoke about many of the highlights
of ABC’s, and recognized each of the staff
with a special gift.
ABC’s, a program of New London Hospital,
provides state-licensed, quality childcare in a
supportive and stimulating environment with
programs for children from six-weeks old
through fve years old. The program serves
NLH employees and the community. For
more information, please call 603-526-5242.
Left: Brett Simpson,
who attended ABC’s
in 1993 as a three-year
old, with his mother,
Trisha Simpson
Below: Aura Hearne,
retiring after 13 years
at ABC’s, receives a
congratulatory hug
from her co-worker,
Pam Murgatroy
Grant-Funded Garden Grows
Grandly at New London Hospital
All summer long, pre-school students at ABC’s Child Care Center at
NLH planted, tended, harvested and tasted vegetables from their
own garden.
Funded by a $5,000 grant from the HNH Foundation,whose mission
is to prevent childhood obesity, the Healthy Eating, Health Bodies
project involved all 18 preschool children in an interactive curriculum
that began with planting vegetable seedlings in the classroom in
the spring, creating the garden and tending it during the summer
months, and then harvesting the tomatoes and other vegetables.
Along the way, the children heard stories about gardens, learned
songs, discovered recipes, preserved some of the produce from
the garden for gifts to take home, and shared recipes. Now that
fall is here, the pre-schoolers are preparing the garden for winter
and looking forward to next year when they start with their
seedlings again.
“This has been a wonderful hands-on experience for everyone,” said
Tina Walker, ABC’s Child Care Center Director. “Not only have we
learned a lot, we’ve also eaten some great vegetables right out of
the garden!”
ABC’s Child Care Center Garden