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In Their Own Words, Continued from pg 1
As it turned out, my left knee was more diffcult to
replace than anticipated but someone took the time
to call my wife with a progress report. The surgery
seemed to be a complete success and the well
practiced and trained hospital staff took over from
there. The surgery and recovery is a very complex
process and when all factors come together for a
successful outcome, it really is an amazing experience.”
-Bob Jackman, New London
“My husband, Doug, and I have lived at Eastman for
years. At one point, I noticed a bruise on my chest so I
made an appointment with my doctor who thought it
needed further investigation so she referred me to
NLH for a mammogram. I was very upset but not
terribly surprised to hear that I had a suspicious lesion.
Still, it was very discouraging to have the biopsy
confrm the presence of a cancerous tumor. I conferred
with Dr. Bears, who was very thorough in answering
all my questions. After this, I realized that breast
cancer was not a routine occurrence for me and that I
needed a healthcare facility that would regard me as
an individual with a unique situation and unique needs.
So I chose NLH for my surgery. I had a mastectomy
and was very pleased with the care I received from
everyone. Having my care close to home was much
easier for my family and me.”
-B.J. Thomson, Grantham, NH
For a number of years, both Tina and Bill had been
experiencing extreme pain which originated in the
lower back and ran down to the ankle. MRIs revealed
that Tina and Bill’s pain was treatable. A laparoscopic
procedure, called a simple medical facetectomy, could
remove those facets and thus eliminate the source of
the irritation. Dr. Phillips said that the surgery, which
would take about an hour and a half under general
anesthesia, could be done at NLH. Both Bill and
Tina went home the same day after their surgeries
and experienced very little discomfort from their
procedures. Both quickly realized that their surgeries
were totally successful. “We call Dr. Joseph Phillips a
‘miracle worker’ and sing the highest praises for the
entire surgical team from start to fnish,” Bill and Tina
said. “NLH has served us both so well and we are
most grateful. How fortunate we are to have these A+
resources right here in our town!”
-Bill and Tina Helm, New London, NH
“I began noticing pain in my hip. It worsened until it
reached the point where simple things like putting
on socks or getting into a car became too diffcult.
Coincidentally, I saw an ad from NLH about this
new form of hip replacement surgery. I made an
appointment to see Dr. Jones. An x-ray revealed
osteoarthritis. Dr. Jones agreed I’d be a good
candidate for anterior hip replacement and the
procedure was scheduled. My surgery took about one
hour and I stayed overnight. The next day, I actually
walked to the nurses’ station without any assisting
devices. I was home by 2:00 pm. My friends and visitors
were amazed at my progress. I’d ordinarily expect that
this type of advanced surgery would be available only
at a big city hospital. I was delighted to discover that
our community hospital offers the fnest in surgical
advancements and quality care. We’re fortunate to
be able to enjoy a rural lifestyle without sacrifcing
anything in the way of medical or surgical necessities.”
-Suzanne Goldman, Grantham, NH
NLH provides a safe, patient-
centered, and patient-friendly
environment for patients
undergoing surgery.