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A private
patient room
on Medical/
inpatient unit
Specialty surgical services at NLH include:
Orthopaedics–joint replacement:
diagnosis, treatment and repair, sports injuries,
fractures of the arm and leg
spine and neck surgery; brain biopsies;
including cataracts
Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat):
surgery with balloon sinuplasty; sleep apnea
surgery; thyroid surgery
Pain Management:
chronic pain management
lithotripsy; prostate surgery; cystoscopy
Many patients are unaware of the extent of General
Surgery services at NLH. General Surgeons perform
diagnostic procedures such as endoscopies to diagnose
ulcers and abnormal growths in the gastrointestinal
track, and colonoscopies, which screen for colon cancer.
General Surgery procedures include abdominal surgery,
bronchoscopy, bowel surgery, gastroscopy, breast
surgery, hernia repair, and biopsies. Many of these are
performed as same-day procedures.
Some surgeries are often needed in emergencies.
NLH has anesthesia services available 24/7, along with
a full surgical team, so regardless of when a patient
needs surgery, the appropriate pain management is
always available.
In addition to the operating rooms, NLH has a
comprehensive Post Anesthesia Care Unit, often
referred to as the PACU, where surgical patients are
closely monitored by clinical staff prior to discharge if
undergoing a same-day surgery procedure or before
being transferred to an inpatient room for follow-up care.
“The PACU is a small, caring environment where each
surgical patient is intensely monitored post-surgery. In
addition to frequently checking all a patient’s vital signs,
nurses are also watching and measuring the patient’s
pain level and managing all medications to keep the
patient comfortable,” said Chief Nursing Offcer Trish
Sweezey, RN. “We are also committed to keeping the
family informed of the patient’s condition in a timely
manner and we honor the request of a family member to
be present during the recovery period.”
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