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Friends of New London Hospital November/December 2011
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Community members are often surprised to learn about
the extensive types of surgery that are performed at
NLH. Said one patient recently, “The community is
fortunate to have the choice to stay near their homes
and families for surgery, where it is convenient, patient-
friendly and safe.”
Over 2,000 surgical procedures are performed at NLH
each year in the hospital’s two fully equipped operating
rooms. “As a surgeon, I am able to offer my patients the
latest surgical techniques, such as laparoscopic surgery,
which requires very small incisions so recovery time is
quick,” noted President of the Medical Staff and
gynecologist Eileen Kirk, MD. Dr. Kirk also performs
procedures with Dr. Leslie DeMars from Dartmouth-
Hitchcock Medical Center who specializes in
gynecologic oncology.
In addition to laparoscopic equipment, the operating
rooms are equipped with the ability to view digital
images, surgical equipment for minimally invasive
disk removal for back pain procedures, and special
orthopaedic tables, such as the Hanna table used for the
minimally invasive anterior hip replacement procedure
and the repair of hip fractures.
The experienced surgical team at New London Hospital is
committed to your care and comfort. Front row (L to R): Tina
Mell, RN, Manager of the OR; Linda Nekoroski, RN; Chris
Rodgers, Central Sterile Tech
2nd row (L to R): Dale Bundy, RNFA; Victoria Gerrish, Central
Sterile Tech; Lauren Frisbee, Surgical Tech; Janice Peck, RN;
Morgan McGuire, Central Sterile Tech; Kara Berns, RN; Wanda
Langlois, Environmental Services
General Surgeon
Dr. Don Eberly
explains the use of
operating equipment
to participants in the
hospital’s Open House
last spring.